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Some Recent Events

July 15, 2021

Family Update

Many of you remember that my mom went to be with the Lord on April 24th. Julie and I flew back to check on my dad, connect with him and see how we could assist. Dad is doing really well considering the loss of his bride for 60+ years. He continues to deal with the grief process but is connected well with care givers in the local area as well as several friends that check on him. God is meeting his needs and strengthening him each day. We chat regularly and he is writing letters to family and friends weekly. What a good GOD we have.

The rest of our family are doing well. This August, Lynden turns 1…wow…how did that happen so fast. Garrett will be 14 in October and growing and his brother, Jaxon, will turn 9 in September…WOW…how does this happen as I remain the same age??? LOL!

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Family Update

April 27, 2021

Rejoicing and Sorrow

Never is it easy to let go of someone that you love. Knowing that death is unavoidable and that each one of us face that day, we just faced that day last Saturday. On Saturday the 24th of April, my mom went to be with Jesus.

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A Time to Celebrate

April 1, 2021

Greetings to you and yours on this blessed Holy Week!

There are three holidays I absolutely love. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. All three have unique and fond memories and yet the first and the last hold the most precious spot in my heart and mind.

The celebration of Jesus, Son of God, born as a baby as per the prophecies of the Old Testament and the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s redemptive plan. The third, Easter or as I like to call it, Resurrection Sunday! The day where as a follower of Jesus, I rejoice and give thanks that the Holy Spirit breathed life into the lifeless body of Jesus and the Father’s plan was fulfilled. The Godhead, working in unity fulfilled the plan and sin and death no longer have hold on me!

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Celebration of God’s Faithfulness

February 6, 2021

It all started in 2014…

Now we celebrate five years!

In 2014, the Lord spoke to me, Jeff, and when seeking Him for what was next in our lives and ministry the Lord gave me one word. “BEAUTIFUL!” As we prayed and sought the Lord, it became evident that He had a plan, vision and desire for us.

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Happy Thanksgiving to Team Shackelford

November 30, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

Out of all 365 days each year…with the exception of a few years, we stop today to be thankful. In my sermon last Sunday, I challenged the RMC body to be thankful everyday. Not just on one day, but ALL days. Read more

May Update for Team Shackelford 😎

May 28, 2020


How is the global issue affecting us?

Some of you have asked Julie or I how all of the “rules” of the global issue affecting us. Like most of you, we spend a lot of time together at the house. We can now visit a restaurant, have a friend/family over for a visit, do trips inside of Germany and a few other countries here in the EU.

We do however consider it a blessing that the two of us have not missed a Sunday at church at all. Now, that said, we have been the only ones there since 8 March and just in the last three weeks, others have been allowed due to the “rules” to come and worship in person. We pray that this is lifted in the near future as we have only had ten people on Sunday night and we have been averaging 75 each week. That said, pray that those impacted by the orders of their employer will be lifted soon and that they can come and join us in person.

We have however, seen an upswing in our ministry load. We have taken to using Zoom as the platform to continue the Women’s Bible Study on Wednesday night and this has included those locally as well as two from the US that join the study. Julie taught through Romans and currently is writing and teaching on the spiritual gifts. What a joy it is!
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RMC Family ❤

March 27, 2020


RMC Family!

We have been so blessed by God to be a part of what He is doing in the Rejuvenation Ministry Center RMC. He has given to us and each other the ability to be family together. We received this note when a couple from the RMC headed back to the PNW due to a recent PCS.

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