Our Story

Beginning and Direction

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Be One Together was organized in 2012, with the realization God desired a unified ministry reaching and engaging all cultures. Leaders, Mike and Mary Pinkerton, having served in intercultural ministry 40+ years, with advice and mentorship of global and North American leaders began the journey. They desired each missionary to have equal access and voice when seated at the table.

Be One Together strives to make disciples of the nations which in turn impacts the globally connected community. Global migration and people group movements around the world open ministry doors in new and exciting ways including the possibility of ministry in the USA with over 500 identified people groups. An important key to ministry is the need to share the gospel of Jesus by missionaries serving and partnering with churches locally and globally.

We appoint like-minded evangelical missionaries to serve in multi-ethnic ministries throughout the globe. Missionaries are involved in core programs such as outreach, discipleship, and church planting as well as taking care of the “least of these” (Matthew 25) ministries in communities, cultures, and in connection with the local evangelical church. We engage in networking with other ministries and churches for the purpose of collaborating with them to accomplish our stated purposes. Entrepreneurial members guide their own ministries while the mission provides encouragement, accountability and directs them toward available resources.