Our mission is to engage all cultures by making God's Word real through collaboration in outreach, discipleship, and mobilization.

Two of our missionary women are attending this conference. Pray as God ministers to them.


Worship at the Cross is an annual event in Kenner, Louisiana, with the youth. It is designed to zero in on the cross, the price christ had to pay for our sins. It is very moving and the youth come away with a renewed understanding and appreciation of the cross.


Keeping the right focus on the ministry God has called us to serve in.


We see the headlines or watch the news and are thankful it wasn't us. Today we have missionaries without power due to tornadoes in Texas. The weather impacts these servants and we need to remember to uphold them in prayer.


Take Note!


Be One Together is thankful for Ruben Torres and his faithfulness to share the truth of Jesus and salvation in local Texas nursing homes,


Depending on how they are counted, 1/4 + of the world’s population live in places or speak languages with little access to the Gospel. Many will never hear of Christ in their lifetime. Join us in prayer for Jesus followers to share the Bible or work of Jesus with the unreached.