• To glorify God by making disciples of all nations

There are 482 identified people groups in the United States with 371 languages spoken of which 26.4% of the total population is evangelical. Be One Together strives to make disciples of the nations which in turn impacts this country and the globally connected community.

We understand the need to expand ministry across a multigenerational perspective including ministry with the international diaspora and other cultures.

We are also involved in networking and ministering with Ethnic America Network.

  • To glorify God by serving His missionaries and their ministries.

We provide services to our missionaries to help them succeed in their areas of expertise through member care, accountability, and connecting them with resources where possible

  • To facilitate members and their ministries in serving the Church.

Help provide missionary services connecting resources, networking, demographic understanding and connecting them with subject matter experts to help them accomplish their goals in ministry.

  • To promote and encourage an organizational culture where we conduct ourselves as a family/community in the household of God. 1 Timothy 3:15

We provide internal training for cross cultural work on an annual basis with a bi-annual assessment.

We are interacting with North American Leadership, the global diaspora network, consultation for different denominations and the groups associated with the Ethnic America Network.

Missionaries gather together for fellowship.

There is an atmosphere of mutual accountability.

  • To be a catalyst between churches and likeminded organizations.

By utilizing the organization and members connections we will provide resources and exchange information so local churches can accomplish their individual vision for their local body of believers.

Provide intercultural connections between the various people groups in North America.

  • To provide pertinent communications and connections (workers together) relevant to all cultures.

To provide an understanding of the cultures represented by new Americans, through training, connecting relationships, and providing developed and developing resources.

Connect in the heart language of the people we interact with and in the proper context of their world view perspective.