Jeff and Julie Shackelford

Jeff and Julie Shackelford – Germany

What does it mean to offer a cup of coffee or as we call it, God’s Brew to someone? Well, it means an opportunity to connect with them in a personal way. You see, offering a free cup of God’s Brew is inviting. At the Rejuvenation Ministry Center here in Germany, God has planted a ministry that is focused on teaching the Word of God, building connections through conversations around coffee and equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry. That is what a cup of coffee does. It allows us to sit with someone at one of our tables in the ministry worship center and hear about their lives. They share their needs, concerns, pains and also their joy. Together we create community and focus on the building up of their faith and life. The journey that God has each of us on requires that we have connection, community and compassion for each other. Your partnership with us in the area of financial giving makes this possible. So, how much does it cost? The willingness to impact lives for Jesus in an atmosphere where God’s Word is taught as we share a cup of God’s Brew. Ask God and see what He would like you to give. Monthly giving or a special gift. His passion for His people through you will make an eternal difference. to see what our ministry is about or connect with our sermon series there via livestream.