A Thankful Note

It is truly a season to be thankful

We are thankful year round but we definitely as a nation, reflect more at this time of year. Having lived overseas where Thanksgiving Day is not a holiday, we have learned the value of being thankful at all times. We also know that on this day we pause from everything and focus intently on being thankful.

This is a good thing to do. We know that the Bible is loaded with Psalms of thanksgiving and also numerous passages in both the Old and New Testament where we are instructed to sing praise and be thankful. So with that, we are thankful for SO MUCH!

Thankful for the Lord and His love, mercy, grace, forgiveness and salvation
Thankful for each of you and your love, prayer and support
Thankful for the ministry that God has given for us to do and be a part of
Thankful for the fruit of the ministry through the RMC
Thankful for all those that are a part locally and globally (18 house groups)
Thankful for the ability to teach the WORD – verse by verse/chapter by chapter
Thankful for the freedoms we have as a nation
Thankful for all who have and still defend the freedoms
Thankful for our family
Thankful for our RMC family
Thankful for the love that is shown to Julie and I by so many of you

So…this list is just the start and yet it is a GRATEFUL list of THANKSGIVING!

A few Sunday nights ago we had an RMC Thanksgiving and Communion Service. We had a number of song sets focused on thanksgiving and two short, yes short, sermons about thanksgiving too. Then at the end of the service we celebrated with thanksgiving, the Lord’s Table. We encourage all those in RMC Global house groups and those watching online to participate with us. What a joy this is. The week following, Julie and I received this note from a one the families that watch online our weekly services. What a blessing and encouragement this was. We wanted to share this with you.

As they say here, “Rejoice in Him and Rejoice Always!” (Phillipians 4:4-7)

We would like to say again to each of you, thanks for all you do for us and the ministry of the RMC. Without each of you, we would not be able to do this.

From Julie and I, we hope and pray that each of you have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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