Thankful to God for His Goodness

Not only in November, but all year long, we are thankful for…

– God faithfulness to us in all parts of our lives
– Sustaining our health and giving us strength
– Providing for us in physical, financial and personal ways
– Friends who have poured into us
– Ability to teach the WORD of GOD weekly
– Working through the book of Revelation with the women and the men (and some of the families on their own!)
– Protection when I hit the deer on the road the other day
– Many answered prayers
– Your faithfulness to support financially and constant prayer
– Our RMC family locally and globally

The priority and focus of the RMC is to teach the Word of God, build relationships and make disciples.

Hearing from God…is a key ingredient in being a follower of Jesus. Often times, He speaks in a still small voice, and other times He is very loud and direct, and yet there are times He speaks through others. Regardless of His method He chooses to use, we must listen.
Throughout the years of ministry, we have always sought the Lord for His leading, wisdom and direction. In fact, you all have often been a part of that and prayed right along with us.
Over the course of the last four months, Julie and I have sought the Lord earnestly as too how to maneuver with all the restrictions being placed on us in the ministry at the RMC and at home.
We have heard from Him. In light of the current changing political scene here in Germany, we are unable to continue to do the ministry that we came to do and that it’s time to come home. This is such a difficult and hard decision to make, especially when we love our people so much. However, when we asked Him, sought counsel and seeing what is ahead politically we have had to make this hard decision. Serving at the RMC without additional staff alongside of us here, we are in need of rest and REJUVENATION for our own hearts, souls and minds as well.
Currently, we will continue to have services at the RMC through January 30th and continue to do women’s and men’s Bible study til then. We will begin to pack up our house this month and then start at the RMC in January. We are targeting to fly back to the PNW in February at this point.

We will continue to serve with Be One Together on a stateside assignment and will still be in need of our monthly financial support. Your financial support will still go through Be One Together. (See link below for how to give financially to your ministry).

The RMC will no longer be based in Germany but I will continue to do weekly sermons from the PNW and will have those available online as we have been doing for years. We have several families scattered across the globe that still receive feeding online weekly and I feel that this is critical to continue. Even though RMC locally will cease to exist in February we will continue RMC Global!y (Click LiveStream icon below)

So what is next?

During this stateside assignment, Julie and I will be continuing to teach men and women’s Bible study via zoom and I will preach weekly as I mentioned. We will also be reconnecting in person with as many of Team Shackelford as we can. In the past several years we have been unable to meet personally with many of you due to not having been able to take a furlough. We will be listening to God as to where He will have us dive in again. Please continue to hold us up in prayer as we wait, listen and rest in His plans for this new chapter of our lives and ministry.

Pray for all of the processes we must go through here to button things up in Germany.
Pray for our RMC body locally that God would strengthen them through this time.
Pray for our transition back to the US (much has changed since we left – especially housing costs)
Pray also for the sale of items here and the shipping of the rest back to the states.

We love all of you and are so thankful for all you have done and will continue to do to impact the kingdom of God together. Your prayers and encouragement has sustained us through these years. The ministry of the RMC has been powerful and has had a global impact in reaching the world for the Glory of God! We’ve been blessed by you all.

Shack and Julie

PS…If you would like to have a visit with us, please email me and we will attempt to make that happen because we long to see you. (in person or over the internet)




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