Recent Updates in our Lives

We have been blessed with our fourth grandchild…

Evelyn Rae Johnston

On April 2nd, our daughter Melanie gave birth to her’s and Robert’s second child. Evelyn Rae Johnston joined her brother, Lynden and made their family of four entering it healthy and doing well. She weighed in at 6 pounds 11.2 ounces and measuring in at 20″ long.

All are doing well and adjusting to a new normal. And we love the snuggle times with them both!

We have included a link to a video that I, Shack recorded with a member of Team Shackelford to help answer questions that many of you have been thinking and asking. It was my first attempt and sadly it stopped recording and we were unable to wrap up the way I wanted. However, it captured the main points and should you have any more questions, please email me and we can share more.

Also, please pray for me as I have an amazing privilege to teach and open the WORD at a men’s getaway for Damascus Community Church this weekend. April 22-24. Pray with me that I may speak what the Holy Spirit desires about Biblical Manhood.

Thank you for all that you have done, still do and will do to allow your ministry to continue to impact the KINGDOM of GOD!

Video highlights

  • quick family update
  • ministry insight and direction
  • financial needs
  • prayer requests

Even though the video stopped, i wrapped it up with a THANK YOU for being a part of Team Shackelford. You are all a part and such a key role to the ongoing work of God as we continue to partner together.

Click here to view the video.



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