Author: William Tyas

Some Recent Events

July 15, 2021

Family Update

Many of you remember that my mom went to be with the Lord on April 24th. Julie and I flew back to check on my dad, connect with him and see how we could assist. Dad is doing really well considering the loss of his bride for 60+ years. He continues to deal with the grief process but is connected well with care givers in the local area as well as several friends that check on him. God is meeting his needs and strengthening him each day. We chat regularly and he is writing letters to family and friends weekly. What a good GOD we have.

The rest of our family are doing well. This August, Lynden turns 1…wow…how did that happen so fast. Garrett will be 14 in October and growing and his brother, Jaxon, will turn 9 in September…WOW…how does this happen as I remain the same age??? LOL!

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Adams Summer 2021

July 14, 2021

In Christ’s Love,
Don and Carol Adams



Dear Family and Friends,

We are so excited to be getting back to a “normal” summer schedule of ministry! Last year we were only able to conduct 2 Bible Schools, but this summer there are 6 Bible Schools and 2 weeks of camp on the schedule! Victory Church of God VBS is new this year as well as Tree Top Bible Camp in Missouri. We are really looking forward to seeing what God has in store for the summer. With such a busy schedule – especially in June – it will really be very physically challenging. Please pray for the Lord to give us supernatural strength and energy. As we progress through the year, we pray that the Hispanic labor camps will open up to our usual outreach at the tomato farms in late summer and early fall. We also anticipate the schools opening again to the special programs near holidays. It feels so good to start again with the ministry we have missed during the COVID months. Please pray for these doors to all open once again and for the Lord to open our eyes to see new opportunities for outreach.

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Summer is Off and Running

July 14, 2021


News from Bob Carvajal


May is the month where school ends and summer begins. By the 20th, college was over, so rather than have the Collective Bible study, we all went to a Thai restaurant.

That Sunday, on May 23, we recognized our graduates during church. As a special treat, the youth band led worship. Nate, our Youth Minister did a great job. After church, we had a dinner for the graduates and their families.

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High School Week Recap

July 12, 2021

JJ and Tiana
Summer Missionaries 2021


High School Week Recap

“When Covid hit and we had to cancel camp last year, God wasn’t sleeping or going on vacation. He’s going to do, this summer, what would have been last year plus what will be this year. Be ready to see some great things,” said Pastor Rus, our staff pastor as we sat around the downstairs of the camp lodge during our first staff meeting before camp even started. An “Amen!” rang in my heart and it was all tied up in feelings of both excitement and inadequacy.

This first week at Fir Point, JJ and I were each filling two roles. We were doing both the preparations for leading S.W.A.T. (Servants With A Task) for the weeks to come as well as each helping co-lead a cabin of campers.

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Overby Odyssey – 3 Weeks and Counting

July 5, 2021

Hello Everyone,

We cannot believe that the clock is ticking and we only have three weeks until we leave Weimar. As we draw near the end of this chapter, we have a few urgent prayer requests that we wanted to share with you.

1. With VDM (our German mission agency), Heather has received a contract for our time in the US. However, this contract is dependent on us raising 1000 EUR in recurring monthly donations in Germany before we leave for the US. Please pray that God will provide the monthly donations to achieve that goal.

2. Housing in Oregon. Again, we have something available until October, but would be able to move into something “long term” as early as September. Please pray that God will open up that right location at just the right time.

3. Pray that we will say Farewell well. One of our children is really struggling with this transition of leaving the country they love and we are in the process of saying goodbye to “our people” of the last 10 years.

4. Pray for travel, good health, and logistics specifically July 26-29. There will be so many pieces of the puzzle that will be happening that week that apart from divine intervention, something could easily go wrong.

Thank you so much for praying for us. We will miss those of you in Europe and look forward to seeing those of you in Oregon.

Scott for Heather, Stanley, Holly, Stuart, Samuel




503-427-8314 Google voice
503-489-4300 Skype

Am Kirschberg 36
99423 Weimar, Germany
03643 212 9172 Home phone
0176 3280 1607 Scott cell phone
0176 3280 1606 Heather cell phone

JJ and Tiana Summer Missionary 2021 Support Letter

July 1, 2021


JJ and Tiana
Summer Missionaries 2021


Our Passion

JJ – For a long time I’ve had a passion to follow Jesus and live out His example of relationship with God. Jesus was very intentional about his connection with the Father and inviting other people into it. Ever since attending Fir Point Bible Camp as a kid, through the life and invitation of other Christ followers, I’ve had a passion to know Jesus more and to invite others into becoming like Him, especially those who have deep questions, doubts, and obstacles in their relationship with God.

Tiana – I grew up learning the Bible and hearing about God my whole life. Although, when I was 15, I started attending a youth group that really challenged me and grew my beliefs. It was then that I recognized, for the first time, just how real God was in my life. Ever since then, I have had a passion for not only leading others to Christ but also teaching and growing them in their faith along the way, through relationship and challenge. I want everyone to have a chance to experience God.

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Let’s Praise God Together

June 29, 2021

Biblical Counseling

Rachel is over halfway done with phase 3 of ACBC certification! She has completed 30 of her 50 required sessions. Curtis has also begun meeting with men for biblical counseling.

Praise God for Salvations– we have seen 2 individuals receive Christ as Savior during Biblical Counseling the past few months! They are growing in their relationships to Christ and a desire to please God and obey His word.

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Portugal, Viana do Castelo – 28th June 2021

June 28, 2021


Update from Nuno and Gila


Dear praying friends,

Thanks for your continued support in prayer. It is much needed and appreciated!

On Saturday the women gathered for the last meeting before summer break. They studied the sermon on the mount for the past 9 months and it was such a time of growth for all who were part of it. On the photo you see many of the faces we usually ask you to pray for (from left to right): Mafalda, Verena (holding Mel), Gila, Vera, Anita, Andrezza and Marjorie. There are a few others that usually join online, and also need your prayers: Antónia, Graça, Sandra, Rita, Brazilina and Bina. Please continue to pray for these women and their families, that they may keep walking close with the Lord, obeying Him step by step.

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Overby Odyssey: Fully Accepted by BFA!

June 21, 2021

Hello Prayer Team,

After months of prayer, application, more prayer, interviews, even more prayer, and waiting, we are thrilled to announce that we have received full approval from Black Forest Academy, Be One Together (B1-2G), and Vereinigte Deutsches Missionshilfe (VDM) and we can now officially begin our support raising process to join BFA fall 2022. We just returned from a training week with VDM near Bremen, and it was a wonderful week of fellowship, good food, and lots of information. While we were there, Stanley stayed with friends, Stuart and Samuel were with a nanny (a former student we hired to babysit them for the week), and Holly was with a friend for half the week and with Stuart and Samuel the second half. This was the first time in 13 years that we have had time together without the kids for more than 12 hours.

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Portugal, Viana do Castelo – 9th June 2021

June 9, 2021


Update from Nuno and Gila


Dear praying friends,

We want to thank you for praying with us for Carlos. Last Friday Nuno visited him and Carlos was feeling much better, he even walked for the first time in weeks. Praise God! Please keep him in your prayers, may the Lord be exalted through Carlos’ life.

Pray also for his sister Isabel, for her to know how much God loves her and for her to receive the gift of salvation in her heart. Pray for protection from the enemy’s schemes and lies of void promises of healing and deliverance through reiki and other abominable new age ways.

May all this situation bring much glory to our Lord Jesus Christ in Viana and beyond.

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