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We already miss him like crazy but he’s thriving where he’s at! Hanging out with the cousins and the grandparents, soaking up the Tim Hortons and…. I don’t know… maple syrup? If you see him around, give a big hug from us! ♥️

“Seek the welfare of the city where I have  sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf; for in its welfare you will have welfare.” Jeremiah 29:7

Hello friends & family!

We are always reminded that the Lord is so kind and gracious to allow us to be here and to share his good news to the people of North Portugal!

Just the other day I was able to share how amazing the bible is and talk about the person and work of Jesus with my new Portuguese language teacher. This is always so fun to have chats about Jesus!

As Kevin and I connect to the community through our not for profit coffee roasting business, we see ways in which we can be generous and love on others like Christ has done for us. Through integrity in business relationships, in just spending time with others and listening, and walking through life together.

He leads us to people and places we never would have expected and it is our great joy to share our hope with others. To point to the living God!

Our little local gathering of believers is a source of comfort and joy as we serve alongside each other, praying and encouraging one another.

Tiago from house church (Carlos and Elsa’s son) recently had a concert at the Casa Da Musica, he has an amazing talent in playing the traditional Portuguese guitar. We all went to support him and celebrate this great talent!

The Hodges are back!

We are thankful for the Hodge family getting a much needed break and reconnection to their family and churches in the states.

However, we are also (of course) excited to have them back!!

Exciting, Praiseworthy News!!

We have the go ahead on opening our café in the space we have been praying about and asking you to pray along with us! We are excited to be opening a location in the city we love and live in, Vila do Conde. The set-up is a perfect mix of collaboration, location, practicality and functionality. We are partnering with friends from Hawaii here, who are also missionaries, the Khan family!

This is me in front of the new location, i’m a little excited can you tell?

This will be our new space.

We need to bring in the equipment and do a few minor renovations but it’s a great space and the owners are very much about collaborations!

Meet the Khans! Our new partners in the Humble Anchor Café Project!

The Khans are from Hawaii and have been here for almost three years. Leesa has a marketing degree and Arbab is a professional Chef. They also have a huge heart for this area and want people to get to know Jesus!

Thank you for your support! Through your time, prayers and financial support you make our ministry here possible ♥️

Enough about us! Let’s hear from you

Gateway Ministries (If you are living in Canada): Donate to the Janzens Portugal Ministry

Be One Together (if you are living in the USA): Donate to the Janzens Portugal Ministry

Cafe Project Information (PDF)


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