Weavers Coming to CALIFORNIA

Weavers Coming to CALIFORNIA

April 12 – May 1

There are some exciting opportunities this time:

  • Three different workshops at some of our supporting churches. We are excited to be able come alongside and support the equipping and empowering of others.
  • Makayla will join us for 5 days !!! We are all very eager to hug this young woman… it’s been since July!
  • Seeing family. Even some of our family that lives outside of southern California will graciously make the journey down and we will all get to PLAY. Such an incredible gift.
  • Connecting with friends. We are eager to connect, hear about what God is doing in other’s lives and celebrating life together.

Prayers and help:

  • A car that we could borrow from April 13 – April 30. Ideally fit five people, but a small 4 person car could work just as well.
  • Health on flights. Last time Jen flew she got violently ill (stomach expanded and horrific pain). Pray for her body to be able to handle the flights and for her apprehension over the journey.
  • Time with Makayla. That it would be a joy and a wonderful time of refreshment for all of us. All 5 of us are very eager to be with one another once again.


  • Been able to work through The 6 Working Geniuses (The Table Group) with a church plant 40 minutes north of us.
  • Did The 6 Working Geniuses with our sending organization leadership team and liasons (Be One Together). We love working with TEAMS!!
  • Recently was invited in to do a team building activity at a school. We have been invited a few times and appreciate building a relationship with the staff at the school.
  • Jen went away for a night with three ladies and was able to have time focused on worship, prayer, lots of deep conversation and some time to hike!
  • Donation center is now organized and ready to kick off this week April 6
  • Jen has loved joining the Portuguese Bible Studies every other Friday night.
  • Greg and Jen are thankful for attending the Surf Church marriage series.
  • Greg was enjoyed doing the teaching time at Surf Church on March 19.
  • Greg is continuing to walk with some men and enjoying having those relationships grow deeper.
  • Surf Church Porto is now 8 years old. Praising the Lord
  • Jen is continuing to coach missionary leaders in Moldova, Germany, U.K., USA, Maylasia, and Madagascar.
  • Greg and Jen are so thankful for deep and healthy friends here in Portugal. So great!


Thank you for choosing to be a part of the story that God is creating in Portugal and beyond. We thank you for being an extension of God’s family. We truly are blessed by you all.


Greg and Jen Weaver

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