Movement Forward

February 6, 2024

Praying in the Gap We want to thank many of you who have joined us in this focused time of prayer. Here is a short update.

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God, Say WHAT?!?

January 18, 2024

We are FAMILY! It was absolutely amazing having Makayla WITH us this year for Christmas time… in fact she was able to be with us for FOUR weeks and it was gold. WARNING ! This is a LONGER (SORRY!!!) email with some important info. We will first share our coming up needs, prayer campaign, and […]

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Hands open: letting go, celebrating, & receiving

September 16, 2023

Ever catch that moment where you know God is having some fun and showing off a bit? I was out for an evening walk in our neighborhood, along with our dog Jules, and God’s handiwork about took my breath away. As the day was coming to a close I felt the invitation to see the […]

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It’s Time!!

April 10, 2023

God has secured cars for our time in SoCal !! Thank you to everyone who generously and sacrificially offered vehicles during our stay. We felt very cared for.

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Weavers Coming to CALIFORNIA

April 4, 2023

Weavers Coming to CALIFORNIA April 12 – May 1 There are some exciting opportunities this time: Three different workshops at some of our supporting churches. We are excited to be able come alongside and support the equipping and empowering of others. Makayla will join us for 5 days !!! We are all very eager to […]

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Special Guest

February 10, 2023

Often we are asked by our supporting churches and other individuals who are a part of our story if we have seen workers raised up. And the answer is YES! For this newsletter we want to share how God has equipped and empowered a friend and co-laborer. Special Guest: Nilvania (Nil) Caring for the souls […]

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Greg to Bangladesh January 1

December 31, 2022

Bangladesh January 1 – 17 Greg and his father, Craig, will be Training village pastors in Oral Bible Learning. What is Oral Bible Learning and why Bangladesh? Oral Bible Learning is: Communicating Scripture orally through story, followed by an interactive discussion so that the meaning reaches their hearts not just their minds. Bangladesh: Craig met […]

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Weaver Autumn 2022

November 26, 2022

The invitation. As the outside elements shake off summer warmth and ocean playing, we slowly move to gather around our dinner table with friends and family for meals, games, movie nights, and laughter (oh! and a lot more popcorn!).

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Surf Camp #1 2022

August 25, 2022

“You were made for this” … Surf Camp 2022!! This Thursday, Aug 25, and Friday, Aug 26 the participants will trickle into Porto, Portugal to kick off our first Surf Camp of this season. People: just under 50 people joining this first camp. Equipment: There are mounds of surfboards, wet suits, vans and other gear […]

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Weaver Summer 2022 Update

August 9, 2022

and just like that… She is moved. Our family has just returned from the most EPIC Weaver summer up to date. It is beyond words how grateful we all are to have been given the gift to launch Makayla into her new home to start her adult years. So with that, we wanted to provide […]

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