Tyas – Spring 2021

News from the Tyas family
Serving in WA among the Hispanic community
Spring 2021


From the notes of Ed and Gerry…

One of the thoughts I (Gerry)consider daily is praying for “God Appointments”. As the restrictions are opening up a little in our area I am delighted to resume a ministry that is near and dear to my heart. That is visiting in other homes. I am known as Anna as I go visiting. This is my middle name and so much easier for them to say. At the kitchen table or elsewhere in the home I want to encourage mothers and children and sometimes families in their walk with Jesus. This could include families we don’t know yet or families we have known for many years. In fact I have decided that this will be a ministry that I will concentrate on for this Spring and Summer. It is appropriate for this summer. It is also a perfect opportunity to hold discipleship encounters and family Bible studies. One question that I ask in each home before I leave …whether it is a home I have been visiting in many times in the past or the first time that I have visited in is…”Do you have any thing you would like my husband and I to keep in our prayers?” We would love to keep you and your family in our prayers. This usually lets me in deeper to their struggles with life. Because most of our ministry is outreach this time has been very difficult for us because we weren’t doing what we had done in the past which is outreach.

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