Tyas November 2021

News from the Tyas family
Serving in WA among the Hispanic community
November 2021


From the notes of Ed and Gerry…

There is much to be thankful for at this time of year. Much has changed as we look around but we are living life day to day and we look purposely for opportunities. If anything the need has increased but we need to think of other methods. Much has happened to isolate us but we must look for ways to connect. Our ministry among the Spanish community has always been a fluid ministry because of constant moving of families. In spite of this we have maintained contact with a number of families. This takes a huge amount of emotional energy but this is God’s work and so we need to wait on Him. He has shown us great power and encouragement in prayer. Every day that we would pray specifically “Lord, open our eyes to the opportunities around us”… He would specifically lead someone to us.

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