Tyas December 2021

News from the Tyas family
Serving in WA among the Hispanic community
December 2021


From the notes of Ed and Gerry…

Dear family and friends,

We had many opportunities to meet new people in November and December. Our area suffered a severe flood in mid-November, caused by a combination of heavier rains than we can remember, along with temperatures warm enough to melt the
snow in the mountains. As a result, the Nooksack River got out of it’s normal route to the bay and made it’s way through parts of Everson and Nooksack, then ran down through the fields about 6 miles to Sumas, where it took out ½ mile of railroad, then wandered through town (up to 5’deep), before jumping the border into Canada and swamping about 30 square miles of the Fraser Valley, cutting off all land travel to Vancouver from the rest of Canada.

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