Thanks for Praying!

Hello Everyone,

We are exhausted but we made it home. We are so thankful for how great the day was. It was because you were praying, and God paved the way. Here are some of the answered prayers.

  • We woke and got out the door on time. I (Scott) got up at 2:45 am, and we were out the door by 4:10 am.
  • The drive went super smoothly on the way there.
  • The kids (and baby) were super well behaved even with all the waiting.
  • The US Consulate staff were very helpful, kind, and gracious.
  • We had all paperwork, photos, envelopes, and money in order and successfully renewed all the passports!
  • Heather was able to spend time with a friend that she has only known online.
  • We were able to sit down and have a long and encouraging conversation with Jeff and Julie Shackelford.
  • Everyone had a great attitude all day!
  • We made it home safely!

On the drive home, Heather and I were also able to have a great conversation dreaming about the future and what God has for us next. We are excited to share what that may look like soon! Stay posted. Thank you again for your prayers supporting us today.



Serving Him in Weimar, Germany,
Scott, Heather and family




This photo was from our church at home on Sunday morning.

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