Thank you! We made it!

Hello from Kandern, Germany!

We are now one week in and finally have internet (sort of). We have a surf stick, one cell phone number, another on the way, and a technician to hook up our actual internet in about 3 weeks. But we will take what we get. Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement. God answered so many prayers these past weeks affirming the call He has given us. A huge prayer request (besides making it safely to Germany with all of our bags) is that at the airport we received our final monthly supporter moving us up to 100%! We get to say that we are fully funded going into this school year. Hallelujah, look what God can do!

I (Scott) tried writing an update from the Portland airport, but it wasn’t able to go through. I think it is still worthwhile to include.

Hello Everyone,
I am writing this from the Portland Airport, and I am just so thankful for all of you this past year. The love, support (both financial, emotional, and practical) and friendship. It is a miracle that less than one year later we are being launched back to Germany, ready to serve God in the Black Forest. These past 10 days have been especially stressful as we haven’t really had a chance to take a breath during this time. I want to apologize for those of you who we did not have a chance to talk to, might have been a little distracted around, or we may have come across as short tempered. Thank you for launching us well and being gracious with us in the messiness of life. Thank you so much and my next correspondence will be from Germany!

The flight and arrival to Frankfurt went as smoothly as possible, except the flight was over an hour late which meant that Heather missed her train. However, the positive side of the delay was that Heather was able to help Stanley and I get to the car rental with all 16 bags. That’s right, we couldn’t fit everything into 12, so we had to purchase 4 more (thank you to those who helped pay for those). Which meant we flew to Germany with 800+ pounds (363+ kg) of luggage.

We had a good time in Weimar on Sunday visiting our old friends and church. We got to share at church and had a few people tell us how much of a blessing it has been for them watching us on this faith journey.

We did have trouble on Monday getting our remaining belongings in Weimar to Frankfurt, and then all of our stuff from Frankfurt to Kandern. Long story short, the moving company sent a truck that was too small for all of our belongings. Fortunately, Heather was able to find a workable solution, except the moving van rental became much more expensive than originally planned.

Now we are here in Kandern. We have already had a few culture shock moments, lots of prayer, and deep breaths. It is in these transitions that we have to choose to look at the blessings and the positive elements, otherwise we will become consumed with the struggles and the things that are not perfect. We have been warmly welcomed into the community and Stanley and Holly have already started to make friends here which is really encouraging to see. We are also continuing to ride the emotional rollercoaster.

  • Please pray for us as we continue to transition and ride the emotional waves. We need grace and patience with each other and to not get upset over trivial things.
  • Pray for travel as we will be back in Weimar from July 26-Aug 1, and then return to Kandern for new teacher orientation beginning August 4th.
  • Please pray specifically for cars. Being in a small village, getting a small car to drive around is now our first priority, and then we will pursue getting a 9 passenger van when we can. We have found a couple of options, but pray for wisdom if any of them are the right one, or if God has a better one in mind.

Thank you for being with us on this journey. Please let us know how we can pray for you.

That is enough for now. Have a great weekend.



Ready to serve Christ in Kandern Germany,
Scott for the Overby Family

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