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Exciting Updates

October 10, 2021

Ministry Update of Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer

We were able to attend the ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) National conference in Charlotte, NC this past week. Rachel was recognized along with around 200 others in a “graduation ceremony” as a newly certified Biblical Counselor. This recent class of “graduates” had the most certified in a single year in ACBC’s history! Here she is pictured after her ceremony with her two supervisors, Randy Patton and Lisa Anderson. It was a great time of celebration, refreshment, and further training.

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God is good! Rhoadarmer update 8/25/21

August 25, 2021

Phase 3 is complete!
Rachel is now a certified Biblical Counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors!

Rachel just completed Phase 3 (50 sessions of supervised Biblical Counseling) to become a certified Biblical Counselor!

Often asked questions:

Can Rachel now charge for counseling services?
Yes. However, we both feel it’s best to keep Biblical Counseling under the outreach/discipleship arm of the local church so we will be offering it for free through the partnership ministry of New Hope Baptist Church and Be One Together.

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Let’s Praise God Together

June 29, 2021

Biblical Counseling

Rachel is over halfway done with phase 3 of ACBC certification! She has completed 30 of her 50 required sessions. Curtis has also begun meeting with men for biblical counseling.

Praise God for Salvations– we have seen 2 individuals receive Christ as Savior during Biblical Counseling the past few months! They are growing in their relationships to Christ and a desire to please God and obey His word.

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Just 5 Minutes

April 29, 2021

Ministry News from Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer

Biblical Counseling

Rachel is in phase 3 of Biblical Counseling. She has completed 13 of her 50 required sessions, has met with her supervisor 3 times, is reading required books, memorizing scripture…… it’s a bit intense! But oh so good! Curtis also hopes to begin counseling the fiance of one of the ladies Rachel is working with.

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It’s Official! Rhoadarmer Update 3/16/21

March 16, 2021

Ministry Update of Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer

Thank you for your prayers for passing Phase 2 (the exam phase) towards certification with the ACBC. Rachel passed with flying colors after spending the previous year working on her exams. She has now moved onto Phase 3- the Supervision stage. She began doing Biblical Counseling last week with Amy* and was able to lead Amy to Christ as Savior. She had grown up “believing” but wasn’t sure whether or not she was good enough to be saved. She now understands the grace of God- and the importance of what Jesus did on the cross for her. Rachel will continue to meet with her over the next few weeks to help her with a variety of “problems” in her life to seek answers in God’s word for true and lasting change.

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Merry Christmas from the Rhoadarmers!

December 14, 2020

From our Family to Yours-

Merry Christmas!


We wish you Joy this Christmas.

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The Rhoadrunner – Pandemic Edition

December 5, 2020

We hope you have seen a glimpse of God at work this past year. Ministry has adapted and changed a lot this year- but continues and grows! We praise the Lord for how we have seen Him move this year and we know He is still on His throne. We hope you are encouraged! We are so thankful for you! Read more

Join us! Rhoadarmer update 10/21/2020

October 21, 2020

Together We Rise!

This year Rachel helped plan the Pregnancy Help Center of Grant County’s Annual Fundraising Banquet. Due to Covid-19 we changed it up and had a virtual banquet. We had people attend live, others attend church watch parties, while others watched virtually from their home computer screens. There were safety benefits from doing it this way of course, but one of the side benefits is that we can invite you to attend too! To get a better picture of the ministry Rachel is involved in, and to hear a phenomenal speaker, Mike Spencer with Project Life Voice, we’d encourage you to watch.

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New Address – Same Ministry!

July 29, 2020


A year ago, when Rachel’s Aunt Pam moved out of our house into a nursing home facility we began praying about moving closer to our church and to the kids’ new school district. After having our house on the market for 6 months with no buyers, and in the middle of lock down we had decided to put it off and try again next year. But then God. God brought cash buyers to us a month after our house was taken off the market. So we scrambled, packed up our things, put it into storage and moved into a dear friend’s house temporarily while they were gone for the summer.
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Exciting things happening!

June 4, 2020

Women aren’t the only people impacted by abortion decisions. Men are as well. Curtis and I began doing post-abortion couple’s counseling with a married couple in our community. We believe God is going to do a great work of healing in the couple’s life and marriage through these sessions. While Rachel has been leading women’s post-abortion studies for the past few years, Curtis has never been involved. This is a new and exciting challenge and we are expecting great things from the Lord as we walk this journey with this couple. Please be praying for wisdom as we all meet together- there will be times we anticipate meeting separately (men and women) and then times coming together. Read more