Surf Church

God is moving here in Northern Portugal.

A month ago, a woman who normally shows up to Surf Church Sunday Service, started to show manifestations of a demon while we were in a prayer meeting. After a long fight and hours of prayer, she was finally free! This was a very intense experience for all of us...

At the end of that afternoon, I went to meet my friend João (he was a non-believer). João asked me what I did that day. I shared everything I witnessed at church; that for hours, the church was praying for this woman who had evil spirits living in her and at the end of the day she was free by the power of Christ. This was an awesome conversation and an open door to share the gospel with João.

João was scared and yet very thoughtful... I challenged João to ask God to show him who He is.

The next morning, I texted him and invited him to come to another prayer time with Surf Church. He came and heard the gospel. João accepted the challenge and prayed that God would show up in his life. After we prayed that the Holy Spirit would live in him, he said "I feel like a burden was lifted from my shoulders". I am now discipling him and we are studying the Bible together every week.

God is good!


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