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Often we are asked by our supporting churches and other individuals who are a part of our story if we have seen workers raised up. And the answer is YES! For this newsletter we want to share how God has equipped and empowered a friend and co-laborer.

Special Guest: Nilvania (Nil)
Caring for the souls behind the stories

Nilvania de Carvalho Lima is one of the faithful leaders at Surf Church Porto.

Passion: To see women living an abundant life that Christ desires for all.

Background: Master in Intensive Care, Bachelor in Physiotherapy with specialization in Functional Pulmonology and Cardiac Rehabilitation, Bachelor in Religious Education with specialization in Theological Education and Missiology, Degree in Biological Sciences.

Calling: Orginally from Brazil, she was trained and moved to Porto, Portugal to reach those living in the local area of Porto.

Ministries she overseas:

– W.A.V.E: A work with Women, regardless of creed, from the community in general, with meetings up to twice a month, with sharing, Bible study, lectures with their own themes, and counselings.

– READING: Visiting Homes for the Elderly, assessing their spiritual and social needs, reading the Bible with those who have difficulty and are interested.

– ACTIVE WAVE: Beach activities for women, during the summer, with physical activity practices (stretching, walking, joint exercises, ETC), ending with a sharing circle and prayer (according to needs)

– DISCIPLESHIP: To train disciplers, through training courses, lectures, as well as follow-up, to continue the work of discipleship.

– Donation Center (@Surf Church Porto): Gathering and distributing clothes and other needed items to the locals in the high need area of Surf Church Porto.

I, Jen, have loved getting to really know her over the last 3 years. Her love for the women pours out of her. She has the gift of hospitality, meaning that she makes people feel welcomed and wanted whomever she is interacting with.

Nil lives here in Porto with her 2 sons. Just like it is around the world, we have extreme rising costs of living and less opportunity for work. Many in Portugal are struggling to find work that will pay their monthly bills.

We are thrilled to have Nil with her two sons here serving amongst the Porto area. Please pray specifically for Nil and her family that need to 3,000 euros a month for them to meet their needs in order to continue fulltime ministry work. Surf Chruch Porto is still at the stage of Church planting where it is a missionary supported church and does not have any paid Staff at this time.

Nilvania is a capable and passionate ministry worker to see the women of Porto reached with the tangible gospel and she knows the Lord has led her to this area for such a time as this.


Greg and Jen Weaver

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