May Update for Team Shackelford 😎


How is the global issue affecting us?

Some of you have asked Julie or I how all of the “rules” of the global issue affecting us. Like most of you, we spend a lot of time together at the house. We can now visit a restaurant, have a friend/family over for a visit, do trips inside of Germany and a few other countries here in the EU.

We do however consider it a blessing that the two of us have not missed a Sunday at church at all. Now, that said, we have been the only ones there since 8 March and just in the last three weeks, others have been allowed due to the “rules” to come and worship in person. We pray that this is lifted in the near future as we have only had ten people on Sunday night and we have been averaging 75 each week. That said, pray that those impacted by the orders of their employer will be lifted soon and that they can come and join us in person.

We have however, seen an upswing in our ministry load. We have taken to using Zoom as the platform to continue the Women’s Bible Study on Wednesday night and this has included those locally as well as two from the US that join the study. Julie taught through Romans and currently is writing and teaching on the spiritual gifts. What a joy it is!

In addition, Julie has three other Bible studies that she is doing on Zoom and one in person.

The men usually meet for breakfast and Bible study every other Saturday morning however, due to not being able to meet in person, we do a weekly men’s study through the book of Joshua. We did finish our journey through Proverbs and that was powerful.

I, Shack, prep sermons weekly, write the questions for our Touch Point groups and have been leading the men’s Bible study as well as meeting with a couple of men via Zoom as well. And, since our worship team members can’t be there, we have been blessed that locally and also globally, we have music weekly that is video recorded and then I prep the overlay lyrics for the song set. We have one worship leader in Damascus, Oregon that records sets for us as well as a former worship leader at the RMC for over 18 months now in Kansas records with her daughter for us too. What a blessing it is!

Health wise, we are good! No concerns regarding the bug. We are thankful for that. We have had several in our community contract it but they have all recovered and doing well now.

Tis’ the season…
So you know, we aren’t moving but, we have 38 total people that will be leaving the area that call the RMC home. We hate to have them leave and yet this is what happens when you serve the Lord and serve those in the military.

Please pray for them as many of them are in major transition with moves on hold, furniture and belongings all packed and shipped and still waiting for orders to leave.

With them leaving we usually have each person or family come up after their last service and the entire body prays over them. If the stay home rule that impacts them is still in place, we won’t as a family be able to do that.

Please pray that this is lifted so we can do that for them. Also, pray because as they all move, so does the funding that they have been faithfully giving to the ministry here.

Online Service for the RMC


They made it!
This year we had three seniors that are in the Class of 2020. Two at Wiesbaden High and one at Frankfurt International School. They made it and now pursue a new chapter and journey in their lives.
Pray for them as they launch from here – Calista, Emily and Boo.


With the upcoming moves of our RMC families, we would love to invite you to pray that we can have others that are moving into the community join us online as well as in person once the “rules” are lifted. Pray that they find us via social media as well the families still here inviting them. Also pray for those leaving to find a solid Bible teaching church where they go.




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