Role: Missionary

Greg and Jennifer Weaver

September 13, 2021
We are the Wacky Weaver Family! We are Greg and Jen along with our three wacky and fun kids, Makayla , Ezekiel , and Zoey. We are honored to be able to live and serve amongst the Portuguese people in the Porto, Portugal area since 2016. We have been married since 2003 and serving in missions since before that.  Many years ago the Lord laid on our hearts a calling to Equip and Empower people with Gospel, for the Gospel. We have loved learning and growing with others and witnessing the Lord pursue His creation.
Greg and Jen are part of the team who are designing, developing, and implementing our church planting program called; P2P: Potential to Plant. This is a 10-month training program looking to equip and empower people to unleash their God-given potential to see the North of Portugal reached with the tangible gospel to see new Gospel Communities launched and matured. We also love teaming up with Surf Church Porto to the skate, surf, and university people group. Our desire is to continue to partner well with the local Portuguese and support them in their journey that God has them on. Through Surf Camps (from Surf Church Porto) we are able to continue to participate with God’s creative ways of connecting with creation for His purposes of restoration and reconciliation.
Whether it is through the designing and development in training, through Coaching, mentoring, discipleship, surf, hiking, or enjoyment of good conversation, we find it a joy to do life here with the wonderful people of Portugal.

Kevin and Angela Janzen

June 28, 2021

We are the Janzen Family; Kevin & Angela, and our sons Kai and Beckham. We’ve been serving in missions since 2012 when we felt the Lord calling us to Ireland. After 8 years and many stories and adventures later, the Lord placed a new country and people on our hearts. Our love for Portugal and the need for the gospel to be heard and seen here began to grow. In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, we packed up our family and headed to Portugal.

Here we partner with Reaching Portugal (a gospel-centered community in Vila Do Conde) and Potential to Plant (a discipleship school focused on training, resourcing, and supporting church planters), as well as with Surf Church Porto in helping plan, run, and lead at their fall Surf & Discipleship Camps.

We love the outdoors! We love camping, surfing, motorbikes, playing music, and connecting people. We have a heart for hospitality and enjoy having people over to our home for meals, games, learning the bible, playing music, and just doing life together with others.

JJ Pen

June 28, 2021

JJ will be serving 3 weeks at Fir Point Bible Camp.

Tiana Miller

July 24, 2020

Tiana will be serving 3 weeks at Fir Point Bible Camp.

Krishna raj Bhatta

September 3, 2019

Born an orthodox Hindu in Dalendhura, Nepal, the son of a Brahmin and Hindu priest, from the upper caste I did not want to mix with lower caste or submit to a belief system I perceived as lower status. After my father passed away with no one to care for my family, our economic condition became very weak. I was sent to a children’s home run by a church in Kathmandu where I attended church services; came to know more about Jesus and salvation through Him. I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord in 2003.

As I studied in the XIIth standard, God spoke to me about being committed for His ministry. I went to Bible College and the Lord gave a clear vision to share the Hope that lies within me (1 Peter 3:15) with many tribal people in Nepal.

I began sharing my faith right away and haven’t stopped – even when tribal people pointed bows and arrows at me saying, “We don’t want to hear about your God!” I spent many days without food and slept in the church hall during my early walk with God. I became involved in full-time ministry and currently serve with “Servant Heart Nepal” which exists to lead people into a loving, relationship with Jesus Christ that they may develop a servant’s heart and in turn become servant leaders.

We have been reaching people with the Gospel in rural villages of the remote Himalayas. Our vision is to equip nationals, plant churches, impact lives, transform communities and to see holistic development through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Presently there are 17 churches and 5 house churches he is overseeing.

Scott and Heather Overby

July 6, 2019

Scott and Heather were both called by God to be missionaries from early childhood. Throughout the years they served on many short-term teams and ministered in both the United States and Europe (Slovenia, Czech, and Germany).

In 2011 God called Scott and Heather and their children to Weimar, Germany as tentmaker missionaries while Scott served for ten years as a math teacher at a secular English-speaking international school.

In 2021 they felt the call to transition into full-time mission work, partnering with the Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany. It was a calling that God had placed on Scott’s heart in 2002. In Kandern, the Black Forest Academy offers a Biblical education for students living in the area and a boarding school option for grades 9-12. Their mission is to support missionaries from around the world by serving the children of those missionaries through education as well as providing emotional, relational, and spiritual care. Scott will be working in the school, helping the school fulfill this mission. Together, Scott and Heather will also serve the local community, in partnership with a local church, through hospitality, Bible studies, short-term foster care, women’s ministries, and discipleship.

They will be temporarily posted in Oregon during the 2021-2022 school year while they raise prayer and financial support.

Their four children are Stanley, Holly, Stuart, and Samuel.

Samuel and Claudia Cianelli

May 31, 2019

Samuel and Claudia, married since 2009, have a son, Levi, and a daughter, Lailah. Samuel is Portuguese-Brazilian, born in the city of Santos, São Paulo province, Brazil. He studied at Vale de Bemção (Valley of Blessing) Bible Seminary and has a degree in Business Admin, as well as post-graduate studies in Sports from the University of Porto, majoring in Surf Instruction and SUP. He uses this latter course to reach Portuguese youth.

Surf Church Porto, established in 2015, is a Portugal church planting ministry. It is a community of people who have found or are currently discovering “fullness of life” as Jesus has promised in the Bible (John 10:10). We worship, surf, study, eat and do life together. We have found everything is better when we open our hearts to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. All things then, from surfing to creating art, become acts of worship, as we do what we love for the One we love.

Claudia assists him in his pastoral work and leads the Translation Ministry, as a means of including many internationals who join Surf Church Porto each Sunday. Sam co-leads the church planting ministry of Surf Church Porto and is the current pastor.

Nuno Moleira and Gilberta Oliveira

May 31, 2019

Nuno and Gilberta (aka Gila) were born in Viana do Castelo, Portugal and married in 1999. They have two children: Leonor and Diogo. Nuno graduated as a Civil Engineer and Gila as a Teacher. They worked outside Portugal for 10 years and in the beginning of 2017, when they were still living in the Middle East, they were called by the Lord to return to Portugal and serve as missionaries. Currently they invest their time, gifts, talents and knowledge in the leadership of a Casa – Comunidade Cristã em Viana (which was planted in 2018 as Surf Church Viana). Folks are invited to Nuno and Gila’s home for a time of fellowship, worship and a conversation about who Jesus was and is, and the grand invitation He gave to all! They love to spend time with neighbors, friends and whoever the Lord brings to their path.

They seek to be an intimate but open community that loves God and loves people, learning together to enjoy the Lord in every area of life in dependence of the Holy Spirit.

Ethan Fauth

May 8, 2019

“My name is Ethan Fauth and I have been given a mission. Since I was younger, I enjoyed working with children and God gave me opportunities to teach children through Bible camp or Vacation Bible Schools. Years ago, God laid it on my heart to start working at a Homestead Bible Camp in Roggen, CO, where I served for the next 7 summers.

At age 18 years God called me away from Homestead for a time. During the 2 years I was away, God grew and shaped me more into the man he wanted me to become. Now I’ve been called back to Homestead Bible Camp as the camp director.  As a youth, I was trained by B1-2G missionaries Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer.

I have made it my mission to reach the youth of Colorado, train young believers in Him and make disciples for Christ.”

Julia Klubo Weaver

April 12, 2019

Julia’s ministry is hospitality-based. Romans 12:13 – she is called to serve the Lord in helping the less privileged Christians, abandoned children, and orphans, and teach them more about Jesus and cultivating an excellent spirit into them. To serve this demographic of society she desires to see homes, schools, medical facilities developed for abandoned and less privileged Christians, children, and orphans.

Over the next 12 months, Julia’s ministry will be focused on building a place for Bible studies and fellowship. She will be providing Bible study materials (Bibles, books, pens, screen protectors, and generators with gas to show biblical movies for easy understanding of those that cannot read and write). Julia has also taken 10 children in and through her bakery/café is funding their care. She is the mother of 1 son.