RMC Stories

Worth the trip!

Each week, one of our students who attends our youth group, travels by bus forty-five minutes one way. He starts out early about 5:45 pm and gets home after 10:00 pm each week and then has to study.

We shared with him how proud Julie and I are of him and his commitment to come.  He responded with this statement, “It is a cool place to be! It is my church! I love to come here!” In addition he said, “you guys teach the Bible and I am learning!” What a joy and blessing it is to be in a place where God wants you and to see God at work in the lives of young adults like him.


Where have you been?

Being in the military, many in our church body are constantly moving to other installations. Due to this, we are always amazed at the number of people who find and come to the Rejuvenation Ministry Center (RMC). After being a part of RMC, they soon find out they have to move to another installation.

One thing we often hear is, “The RMC provided a place of spiritual growth and feeding for us.” “The ministry center was exactly what we needed for our family during our stay in Germany.” “What a warm, inviting and family oriented ministry! I only wish we would have known about it earlier!” “Where have you been? We have to leave the RMC and have gotten to be a part of the family for a few months…wish we would have known about it earlier!”

Being able to provide a ministry center that reaches both the spiritual and physical needs of our community is awesome. God has provided a unique setting and atmosphere where people want to be a part of it. It also provides a venue where the Word of God is taught to children, young people and adults.


The RMC is located close to a US military installation in Wiesbaden, Germany and yet the demographics is very much international. What a blessing to be a part of God’s plan here for the lives of those He brings to us!

Jeff and Julie Shackelford
Rejuvenation Ministry Center in Deutschland


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