Rhoadarmer Ministry Update 2/8/22

Ministry Update of Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer

Seeking forgiveness

Many (if not all?) of the women I, Rachel, work with during Biblical Counseling are victims of other people’s sin. One of the key topics we cover is biblical forgiveness. One young lady had been a victim of sinful actions from a previous boyfriend (a professing believer). She harbored anger and bitterness in her heart towards him. She knew that it was putting a stranglehold on her relationship with God. During the Biblical Counseling process she was able to come to the point where she could forgive him. Praise the Lord! God also convicted her that her responses towards him had been sinful and she felt the need to seek forgiveness from her ex. We talked together about a safe way to go about doing this and came up with a plan.

Last week she was able to have the conversation. She sought forgiveness for the things she had done against him. He sought forgiveness from her as well. God moved in a tremendous way as she sought to reconcile with this brother in Christ.

Confronting those who have sinned against us

Recently another counselee I’ve been working with was convicted at the communion table. She had had an argument with her brother and the relationship had been left unreconciled. She knew she needed to “leave her gift at the altar and reconcile” (Matt. 5:24) with her brother before she took communion again.

Before counseling, she would shy away from conflict at all costs and just try to pretend that nothing happened while harboring bitterness in her heart. She knew this was not the Biblical Response so, with great courage, she lovingly confronted her brother and they now stand reconciled. Praise the Lord!

Relationships are hard and dealing with others often results in sinful actions and hurt feelings. Biblical Loving Confrontation and Reconciliation is vital to unity within the body of Christ.

God is working in the hearts and lives of people and we are seeing real biblical change. You are a part of that team- and we thank you so much for your support.


Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer


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