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Ministry News of Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer

Faith Biblical Counseling Training 2023

New Hope Baptist Church is hosting a virtual group to attend this training this year. We will be meeting Feb. 12-17th. We will have a couple of people from New Hope attend as well as a couple fellow Be One Together Missionaries. We are excited about others learning how to use the Bible to counsel others. I, Rachel, was reading this morning from 1 Timothy 3 and was struck by the characteristics necessary of the people of God but even more striking was the challenge of God’s household, His church, to be a “pillar and foundation of truth” vs 15. The Church- and God’s people have THE TRUTH that broken people in the world need to hear. Biblical Counseling trains people to do exactly that.

This past year we’ve also had a couple of our supporters take Biblical Counseling training. One of them wrote to me afterward and said, “you can tell folks that I (a fellow lay person in the church) feel that the training/conference is excellent to improve your own personal walk as well as give tools to more wisely engage with friends and family.”

This is such an encouragement to us. We know how this training has changed our own lives and ministry and we are encouraged by our friends and family who have taken the step to become trained as well.

If any of you are interested (there are ALOT of training options) you can find out more by clicking here.


Rachel has been meeting with the 17 year old suicidal teenager and her mother since November. Things are progressing well. Thank you so much for your prayers! Part of Biblical Counseling requires Growth Work. This book, “Lies Young Women Believe” and the accompanying study guide is part of the work we are doing together. It’s been an incredible way for her to engage some of the things she (and her friends) have been dealing with. I highly suggest this for any of you who might have teenage girls living in your home or if you are working with teenage girls in your community/church. This resource is solidly based on scripture.

Rachel has two other ladies she’s been counseling since August & September. God is doing great things in both of their lives helping manage anxiety, family issues and other things. Please continue to pray for them as we meet together and they delve deeper into God’s word to find solutions to their problems.


We are still looking for an associate pastor for New Hope. We thought we had a great candidate but for some family reasons he ended up pulling out. So we are back to the drawing board. We are thankful for wonderful volunteers who are helping us manage the ministry of New Hope Baptist church but we are praying for more workers in the Harvest! The church continues to grow and we need more help discipling newer believers.

Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer


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