Overby Odyssey October 2023

Hello Everyone,

Will you pray for us? We are experiencing Satan’s attacks on our family and home as we are being hit by several things at the same time. So much has happened in the last two months. The ministry here is going very well. We’re serving in many capacities both at home, at BFA and in the community. We’ve hosted many, many guests in the last couple months. I am busy teaching and coaching cross country. The kids are busy studying and participating in extracurricular activities. Heather has been spending most of her time in hospitality ministry, meeting with women, and participating in Bible studies.

Our big distraction right now, is that we are in desperate need of some physical hands-on help with our rental house in Oregon. Our renters of 11 years moved out and left the house in a very sad shape. Our property management company is not taking any responsibility in facilitating any of the repairs and it is left in our hands to repair the house. This is hard to do from halfway around the world. Some friends have already begun helping and have contacted some contractors to look at what repairs are needed, and we are starting to receive some quotes for the work. As we’re concerned about squatters moving into the house, we were hoping some of you might be willing to help improve the condition of the yard and outside of the house.

Here is how you can help.

If you would like to physically go out there to work on the yard, help fix the fence, clean the siding, paint walls inside the house, etc. Please let us know and we can give you a task.

If you would like to assist with any of the costs of repairs or supplies, that would also be a huge help. Because the renters were there for more than seven years, we are not receiving any of the deposits back to go towards the repairs.

Please pray for us in this large task.

We want to keep Christ our main focus, but it is easy to start to look at the waves and see everything that is wrong and miss Jesus in the storm.

As a final note, we are trying to get a website going through Be One Together. We have already posted more prayer requests, and I plan to post longer story versions of what is going on. You can follow the link below to check it out. I might even post my original four page October update there.

Some pictures.

Thank you so much for praying.

Scott for Heather, Stanley, Holly, Stuart and Samuel

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