Overby Odyssey June 2021 Moving Forward

Hello Everyone,

When Jesus called Peter out of the boat, Peter had to keep his eyes on Jesus, but when he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the wind and waves instead, he started to sink. Right now as we continue to move forward in our faith walk, we have to daily remind ourselves of God’s calling and refocus our eyes on Jesus. During these past two months, God has been faithful and has graciously given us small affirmations when the waves got too big and all we could see were the unknowns. We are so thankful that God has led and provided so far, and are excited to see how He will move next.

Here are some of the biggest answered prayers recently.

  • These past seven months with our foster baby came to a sweet end. He has a loving long-term family and we were able to finish well.
  • I (Scott) have a job offer for our time in Oregon. I will be teaching math at Barlow again during the 2021-2022 school year.
  • We have transportation for our time in Oregon. Both a family car, and a small commuter car.
  • Stanley and Holly have been accepted to Black Forest Academy as students.
  • I have received a verbal acceptance from Black Forest Academy. There is not a math position available at this time but we have received an invitation to serve in a “yet to be determined” role.
  • We have verbal acceptance with VDM (German missions organization) to raise support among our community in Europe once the formal acceptance from BFA is completed.
  • COVID restrictions are lightening in Germany and we are able to start having people in our home again.

Here are the major unknowns that we would appreciate prayer for (and/or you might be a part of the answer)

  • We are waiting for all of the verbal acceptances/offers listed above to become formal acceptances.
  • We are waiting for God to provide affordable, furnished housing for our time in Oregon (if you know of something, preferably 3 or 4 bedrooms, please let us know)
  • We are seeking clarity regarding schooling options for our kids while we are in Oregon.
  • Our support raising process should formally begin in two weeks once we receive formal acceptance to BFA and VDM.

Here are some of our upcoming dates that you can be praying for.

  • June 13-18 we have a training with VDM, and will be leaving our big kids with friends, and the little boys with a live-in babysitter. (First time away from the kids!)
  • June 24, 25 will be the last day of school for Stanley and Holly and work at ThIS for me.
  • July 23 will be the last day of school for Stuart
  • July 26-27 we move out of our apartment.
  • July 29 we leave Germany

While there are many more unknowns and details, those are the big things on our minds at the moment. In addition to those specific requests, here are some general attitudes of the heart prayer requests

  • Please pray for the conversations we have over the next 52 days to be full of God’s love and hope as we share with others what He is doing in our life.
  • Pray for love and grace with each other as we move through this busy season.
  • Pray that we will finish our time in Weimar well and bless others in the process.

Thank you for being with us during this amazing journey, and we would love to connect more with you via phone, GoogleMeet, or in person if that is possible.



Serving Him in Germany,
Scott for Heather, Stanley, Holly, Stuart, and Samuel






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