Overby Odyssey: Fully Accepted by BFA!

Hello Prayer Team,

After months of prayer, application, more prayer, interviews, even more prayer, and waiting, we are thrilled to announce that we have received full approval from Black Forest Academy, Be One Together (B1-2G), and Vereinigte Deutsches Missionshilfe (VDM) and we can now officially begin our support raising process to join BFA fall 2022. We just returned from a training week with VDM near Bremen, and it was a wonderful week of fellowship, good food, and lots of information. While we were there, Stanley stayed with friends, Stuart and Samuel were with a nanny (a former student we hired to babysit them for the week), and Holly was with a friend for half the week and with Stuart and Samuel the second half. This was the first time in 13 years that we have had time together without the kids for more than 12 hours.

So now what happens? Our first order of business is to start sending out our updates via our official sending organizations.

  • For our American prayer team, we will automatically start sending these through our Be One Together email: overbys@beonetogether.com
  • For our European prayer team, we need your permission to send you emails through VDM. www.vdm.org/in-verbindung-bleiben/AC561000 (thank you German Datenschutz “data protection”)

The next step is to start raising support. We hope to touch base with each of you, but if you know that you want to financially support us you may do so here. You may also reply directly to us, and say, “I might want to, but I want to know more.” We can then schedule a time to share our vision and financial goals.

  • America: beonetogether.com/people/scott-and-heather-overby/
  • Germany: vdm.org/in-verbindung-bleiben/AC561000
  • UK: stewardship.org.uk/partners/20032001 (but you need to include our name and VDM code AC561000)

Most importantly, we need your prayers. Thank you for your faithful prayers these past ten years. Here is how you can continue to pray for us during this transition.

  1. That we say goodbye well to Weimar and the many people we love here.
  2. That the fruit of the Spirit is evident in our lives during the transition (especially towards each other).
  3. For housing from October onwards. We are looking for a furnished apartment/house with 3 or more bedrooms.
  4. Schooling options for kids. Samuel might be set, but the other three are still up in the air. Does anyone have recommendations for our special needs Stuart?
  5. That God will provide the financial support we need.

We were talking to a friend, and he said something to the effect of, “it is amazing how everything is coming together so perfectly.” We couldn’t agree more. Here are two videos to end with. One is our sweet Holly singing, and the other is a common song we have sung as a family.



Serving God in Weimar, Oregon, and Kandern,
Scott for Heather, Stanley, Holly, Stuart, and Samuel




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