New Address – Same Ministry!


A year ago, when Rachel’s Aunt Pam moved out of our house into a nursing home facility we began praying about moving closer to our church and to the kids’ new school district. After having our house on the market for 6 months with no buyers, and in the middle of lock down we had decided to put it off and try again next year. But then God. God brought cash buyers to us a month after our house was taken off the market. So we scrambled, packed up our things, put it into storage and moved into a dear friend’s house temporarily while they were gone for the summer.

God has provided a great home for us in the kids’ school district and only 10 mins from church! The former owner was Noah’s 4th grade teacher! It was a God thing on both ends of the deal. We are so excited about this more central location for our ministry, the hospitality opportunities, and having a little more land to play with. We are looking forward to moving in this weekend!

Ministry in the Midst of a Pandemic

Our ministry will undoubtedly look different this fall as we continue to minister to people in the midst of the pandemic. Our church doors remain open and we’ve had to make some changes- but we are continuing to reach new people for Christ. Curtis is anticipating starting a new bible study with a man recently attending church at New Hope. T* grew up in the church but has been backslidden for many years. Be praying for Curtis as he begins meeting with him regularly.

We continue to do our couples Post-Abortion study. Things are going well and we see God moving in their lives as they process their Abortion decision and heal.

Our kids are going back to school in person August 11th. Rachel will continue helping with after school support for a local family and we anticipate it being a weird school year which could make other ministry challenging. Usually, Rachel schedules ministry during school hours but this fall needs to be more flexible in case school is disrupted.

Please be praying with us about other opportunities for ministry (GriefShare, Ladies Bible Study…). We need the wisdom to make the right decisions about timing and virtual opportunities.

Rachel will also be spending a good amount of time this fall working on getting her Biblical Counseling Exams finished. She was able to finish the 25 Theological questions this spring and will begin working on the Counseling portion of the exam this fall. She hopes to have that completed in full and turned in by Nov. 1.


Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer


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