Movement Forward

Praying in the Gap

We want to thank many of you who have joined us in this focused time of prayer.

Here is a short update.

  • Clarity that we will be moving from our current housing. We are incredibly grateful for our gracious landlords, the Pitnery family who are the founders of Surf Church Porto.
    • Where? When? What? God has not revealed that yet. Please keep praying with us.
  • Revealing aspects in our parenting journey that need to re-examined. We are so grateful for how out of God’s kindness He brings things forward so we can then repent, learn, and renew our minds.
    • How can we be discipling our growing kids that are quickly turning into young adults? Please pray with us.
  • God has provided tickets to the States! (calendar found lower)
    • The “who and how” of this time in the States is slowly taking shape. How can we honor this time? Please join us in praying for that time
  • God has provided a car from March 12-April 22!
    • Praise God with us!!! We are in need of a car between March 8-11 if you know of an option please reach out to us to let us know.
  • Our House Church is growing and developing. We are currently going through Gospel Fluency and coming before the Lord asking Him to transform and renew our minds…
    • We have just broken out into DNA groups ( Discover, Nurture one Another through prayer, encouragement, and point each other to Jesus)/ These small groups will help us as we lean into the intimacy of Christ.
      • How does the Lord desire us to love Him? To love others? Pray for our House Church
      • If you are desiring to join us in this time of Fast and Prayer time, please click on the button below to pick a day to join us in prayer. We would also love to be praying alongside you on those days.

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Greg and Jen Weaver

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