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Ministry News from Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer

Biblical Counseling

Rachel is in phase 3 of Biblical Counseling. She has completed 13 of her 50 required sessions, has met with her supervisor 3 times, is reading required books, memorizing scripture…… it’s a bit intense! But oh so good! Curtis also hopes to begin counseling the fiance of one of the ladies Rachel is working with.

Pray for Hope– some of these counselees are in deep dark places spiritually and emotionally. They need hope from God’s word- that He is there in the midst and that there is help for them no matter what they are facing.

Pray for Healing– all these counselees have deep wounds from their past. Pray they can move forward in freedom and forgiveness.

Pray for them to lean into God’s word– Each Counselee is given homework to work on each week. This homework is designed to 1) promote spiritual disciplines so as to make life-long disciples of Jesus, and 2) have them lean into Jesus to find growth and not to just expect growth to happen during the counseling sessions. Pray each counselee will take the homework seriously and complete it. Counselees who do the work and lean into Jesus- experience the most growth and change in their lives.

Pray for Wisdom– pray God will direct us to the appropriate scripture to share with them, that God will reveal not just sinful behaviors/attitudes (fruit), but also sinful thoughts and heart idolatry (root) issues.

Praise God– women are falling in love with Jesus- some for the first time- and are experiencing changes only the Gospel can provide.

Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer


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