Happy Thanksgiving to Team Shackelford

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

Out of all 365 days each year…with the exception of a few years, we stop today to be thankful. In my sermon last Sunday, I challenged the RMC body to be thankful everyday. Not just on one day, but ALL days.

As we celebrate today with another Team Shackelford family for a meal, we are grateful for ALL of you. We wish we could have our fifth annual Community Wide Thanksgiving Dinner at the RMC and have you all come over…well…that can’t happen but know that if we could, we would.

We are so thankful for our health, friendships, support of you all, our family, our RMC body, the process we are going through with our visa (still ongoing) and also for this time of difficulty in our world. This time has been difficult and yet, we thank God for it. In this time, we are learning to lean on Him more, trust in His plan, seek His Face and direction as well as know that HE IS GOD!

Because we know in all certainty that HE IS GOD, we know that HE IS GOOD! For that fact alone, Julie and I are thankful.

So today, Happy Thanksgiving! And everyday…be thankful!
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Love and prayers for you all and thanks again for being on Team Shackelford and making an eternal difference!

Last weeks sermon

Keep looking to Jesus for the answers of the day

He is involved in all aspects of your life and knows what He has planned for you. Choose to be thankful for that and trust in His plan.



Love and prayers,


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