Hands open: letting go, celebrating, & receiving

Ever catch that moment where you know God is having some fun and showing off a bit?

I was out for an evening walk in our neighborhood, along with our dog Jules, and God’s handiwork about took my breath away. As the day was coming to a close I felt the invitation to see the tension of the good from closing a chapter and taking steps into the new. What a wonder to be able to remember who our God’s character is: Trustworthy, Faithful, Intentional, All knowing, Provider, and on and on. It is God’s character that grounds us in the present and gives hope into the future. So though there are and will always be many things unknown and unclear; our soul is at rest as the Holy Spirit reminds us that our God prepares things in advance and He is faithful to complete what He has started.

Our God is Emmanuel, God with us…

and that equips us to receive closed chapters and embrace new ones.

It’s a weird moment for ministry workers to be able to tell when it’s time to remain and when God is inviting the new. Here are some quick updates and if you have any questions please reach out to us. And just to say thank you to the pastors, counselors, and coaches that shepherded us through this time of seeking. So blessed to have such supportive covering.

* P2P has been released to the care of Surf Church Porto (SCP) Elders. They will pray through vision and what the Lord would have SCP in shaping and launching new church planters.

  • Greg will finish this year’s Surf Camp and the Internship responsibilities and hand that over to others at here at SCP.
  • Greg will step out of team leadership with SCP at end of September


Where will we go to church and serve? Will we move? What about ministries? : We will remain in Portugal! We will currently remain with Surf Church Porto serving alongside them with one on one discipleship, workshops when invited, Donation Center, and help with things around the church. We are excited about what the Lord is doing in and through Surf Church Porto. We are unified through Christ and all have the same goal.

What will be our ministry focus?: It will be four fold:

1 ) Now both Greg and I are officially seconded to a ministry called Team Works. This is a ministry that works around the world with ministry teams that are focused on getting healthy and taking intentional steps to strengthen the team culture so that they can answer the calling Christ has given them. This is our sweet spot. We are excited and have already started working with this dynamic. This September we will go and serve two teams in the Middle East North Asia region.

2) We have now slowly started our own company called Third Space Leadership. This is an opportunity to take the skill sets that God has developed in both of us to be able to serve the local and international secular community. We have already been able to work with two companies offering service to them in helping them. This has been a space of great excitement to take gospel principles and serve the local people. We look forward to seeing what else the Lord may have.

3) We have been and will continue to serve our sending organization Be One Together as liaisons for missionaries around the world and helping with team development with the leadership. Greg and I have valued the invitation to journey alongside this great organization.

4) Serving churches and locals, here and beyond. We are thankful for the invitation to journey with many churches; whether through trainings, discipleship, coaching, mentoring, or simply being invited in to get glimpses of their realities. This will also include serving Surf Church Porto.

Praises and Prayer Request:

Sept 15-22 Greg will be serving the second Surf Camp with SCP

Sept 16-24 Jen will be in the Middle East North Asia with Team Works

Sept 17-25 Jen’s mom, Mary, will be with Zeke and Zoey

Sept 23-30 Greg will be in the Middle East North Asia with Team Works

End of Sept- Craig Weaver, Greg’s dad, will be having heart surgery here in Portugal. Please be in prayer for him and the dr’s.

Oct 4 – Jen will have a long training day to walk a portion of the Camino

Oct 12 – Ezekiel has a major school exam.

Oct 13-27 Greg and Jen will be in Texas

Oct 16-18 Greg and Jen will attend the leadership conference with Be One Together

Oct 23 Greg and Jen will serve the Discipleship Team at Fielder Church in Arlington, TX

Nov 4-8 Jen and friend will walk 4 days of the northern part of the Camino. This is a reflective time but also a scouting out for future opportunities to invite others for a spiritual refreshment. Still praying through many aspects.
Nov 18 Greg and Jen will join the online conference with the whole of Be One Together. This is a conference that Jen and her teammate Angela Janzen and founder Mary Pinkerton have been working on throughout 2023.

So many great things are in the works…

God is good all the time

All the time God is good

and the best is yet to come.


Greg and Jen Weaver

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