Greg to Bangladesh January 1

Bangladesh January 1 – 17

Greg and his father, Craig, will be Training village pastors in Oral Bible Learning.

What is Oral Bible Learning and why Bangladesh?

Oral Bible Learning is:

  • Communicating Scripture orally through story, followed by an interactive discussion so that the meaning reaches their hearts not just their minds.


  • Craig met Subro through a different type of online training whereCraig sharedi about Oral Bible Learning. Subro then took the knowledge and put it into practice in the area he shepherds. He saw many come to a living faith and then quickly saw fellowships that needed pastoring. People were choosing and asking to be baptized. The Lord is allowing people to hear with their hearts and many are coming to faith.

Craig Weaver (Greg’s father):

  • He has been working with Subro, a village pastor and networker, for about 2 years.
  • Craig has taken 3 previous trips to Bangladesh doing Oral Bible Learning to about 10 villages. He plans on taking about 3 trips a year.

Greg’s involvement:

  • This trip Craig and Greg will be teaming up with Subro once again.
  • Main goal this time is to support, equip, and empower Pastors and leaders in how to use Oral Bible Learnings within their village fellowships.
  • Greg has helped organize and design some of the trainings and teachings along with Craig and Subro.
  • A goal would be able to be a blessing to these pastors and leaders in equipping them with the requested materials.
  • Another key goal is to give opportunity for the pastors and leaders to practice this on January 7 in the village of Chanchai; around 50 new believers will be gathered this day.
  • Over the 17 day journey they will train an estimated 145 pastors, 50 new believers, and a Romanian Team of 10 people. That totals a possible 205 people ministered to in 17 days!

The following is the schedule: Please join us in praying for each day. We wait with great anticpation for what th Lord will choose to do over these coming weeks.

We value your prayer during these times. We know that there will be times of discouragement, frustrations of plans needing adjusting, and tiredness. However our God is greater, bigger, and WILL complete what He has started. May all have their eyes of Jesus.

Thank you so much for how you care for our family and for the people that God has put in our lives.


Greg and Jen Weaver

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