Family Update

Rejoicing and Sorrow

Never is it easy to let go of someone that you love. Knowing that death is unavoidable and that each one of us face that day, we just faced that day last Saturday. On Saturday the 24th of April, my mom went to be with Jesus.

A life well lived to the glory of God .

One thing that I can honestly say about my mom is that she loved people that were a part of her life. I have recently heard from people that she knew in the ’70/80’s that she did Bible studies with on how the time together impacted them. How she loved those that were in churches that dad was pastor at and how mom just cared about them, encouraged them and mentored them.

Hearing how she would send handwritten letters or cards to people and what that meant to them. When see how she cared for those around her enough to pray for and with them…that is a life well lived.

In addition to those lives she touched, mom touched the lives of many she never met or even knew. How? Well, mom was one of my most consistent and effective prayer warriors. It was not uncommon to talk to mom and the phone and share with her a prayer need for someone in our lives and ministry and mom would stop then on the phone and pray. Or a need that was in our own lives. What an impact.

In addition to that, mom was an encouraging mother to me, Julie and our kids. Loved each one with all her heart and stayed committed to them. Even just a few days before she went home, she met our youngest grandson Lynden Mark. The smile on her face and joy she had was overwhelming to those that were there.

One thing that my mom always did was support me in the decisions and direction of my life. She would share some concerns if she had them but would see the positive and support those decisions verbally as well as in constant prayer. Even if that meant that her son and wife would move to Germany. Distance was far but her love, prayers, support and encouragement was always there and always constant.

Also the fact that she and dad were married for 65 years was a testimony to their commitment to each other and to God. What a legacy. What a testimony. So sad and sorrowful but rejoicing in knowing mom lived a life to the glory of God.



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