Celebration of God’s Faithfulness

It all started in 2014…

Now we celebrate five years!

In 2014, the Lord spoke to me, Jeff, and when seeking Him for what was next in our lives and ministry the Lord gave me one word. “BEAUTIFUL!” As we prayed and sought the Lord, it became evident that He had a plan, vision and desire for us.

Now, fast forward to today, we see that His plan, His vision and His ministry was and is beautiful! This is such a great story of His faithfulness to us. We are so delighted that the Lord has and is using your ministry to impact the lives of literally hundreds of people in five years.

We are humbled that the Lord would desire and plan to use us for this. We also are humbled that it is because of those of you that are a part of our team have and do make it possible. From each of you on three teams, PRAY, PLAY and PAY teams. Only through His hands and His people like you, are we able to serve here. We consider it a true honor to stand with you in ministry.

For those that don’t know, Julie and I landed in Germany on February 4, 2016 and then had our first service as a body on the 7th of February. That night we had 45 people packed in a home and God blessed. That night we realized we needed a bigger space and the next week I met with a local german church and we began to meet in their building when they weren’t using it. Then about four months later, God provided the building that we are in now.
His faithfulness throughout these five years has been so incredible.

We have seen God bring into the ministry center well over 500 plus people throughout the years. Several people that have come to know Jesus as their Savior and then be discipled and move on. When you see exactly ALL HE HAS DONE, you know that it is only Him. WOW…HE IS FAITHFUL!

So, this Sunday night, we celebrate God’s Faithfulness to the RMC and rejoice with you in this. What a great God we serve! Thank you for all you do to impact the lives of those that come. And even those that view online both locally and around the globe. Link provided below for the ministry center’s website and sermons.


God bless each of you!


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