A Time to Celebrate

Greetings to you and yours on this blessed Holy Week!

There are three holidays I absolutely love. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. All three have unique and fond memories and yet the first and the last hold the most precious spot in my heart and mind.

The celebration of Jesus, Son of God, born as a baby as per the prophecies of the Old Testament and the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s redemptive plan. The third, Easter or as I like to call it, Resurrection Sunday! The day where as a follower of Jesus, I rejoice and give thanks that the Holy Spirit breathed life into the lifeless body of Jesus and the Father’s plan was fulfilled. The Godhead, working in unity fulfilled the plan and sin and death no longer have hold on me!

As we approach that weekend, this is a week where here in Deutschland, the country recognizes the triumphant entry Jesus made in to Jerusalem, the trials, the Lord’s Supper/Last Meal and then His death, burial and resurrection. This year…a four day holiday here for many of the nationals. However, they recognize it for the fact that it is part of their culture and customs of the land and yet, so few truly accept and realize the significance and importance of this Holy Week.

With that in mind, what about you? What about where you live? Do you just focus on the “events of the week” culminated by a basket full of chocolates and eggs? Or by chance, do you stop and reflect on the true meaning of the week and the important impact that it can have on your own life? It is easy to get caught up in the pomp and circumstance of holidays and yet we neglect to stop, ponder, look at and examine the significance and importance of the holiday…Holy Day!

Last year, we were not able to meet in person at the Rejuvenation Ministry Center RMC and so the only people present were myself, Julie and the Holy Spirit. That meant that we didn’t have our usual Resurrection Sunday Brunch nor did we have our usual packed worship service that night. People from here and around the globe tuned in online and participated. This year, we almost didn’t get to meet but the government here changed its mandate and allowed the weekend to go on. In person worship services and following the mandates, we will celebrate this year TOGETHER!

You know, as I reflect on the empty building last year, my heart was saddened then and now. And yet, just as it was empty…this year it will have people in it. Just as the women and John and Peter found the grave empty, their sadness was quickly replaced with celebration. You see, JESUS ROSE FROM THE GRAVE! This was a reason to celebrate then and now. It is the culmination of the plan of the Godhead to reunite us with them.

Well, as you go this week about life, meetings, doctor appointment, disappointments, joys and successes, I want to encourage you to look and see at the things that you can celebrate. Little or small. Simple or major. Stop. Look. Take in a breath. Exhale. Now, find a reason to celebrate. You see, this is A Time of Celebration!

The old adage goes, “When life has you overwhelmed and down, stop and smell the roses!” Or in this time of year, the cherry blossoms, the fresh cut grass, the flowers popping up and give God the praise.

Julie and I want to say to each of you, “Frohe Ostern” – “Happy Easter” – “Frohen AuferstehungsSonntag” – “Happy Resurrection Sunday”

Love and prayers as we all celebrate the RISEN KING!
Shack and Julie




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