5 Minutes of Prayer

Pray for Growth- Rachel just began Biblical Counseling with a young single mom. Because of some poor life choices, her three daughters are living with a family member in a different state. Pray God will use Biblical Counseling in her life to bring hope and life change. Our goal is to bring the two youngest girls home by this fall. There is much to overcome- so we need your prayers that God will grow her.

Pray for Healing- Rachel had foot surgery a month ago for plantar fasciitis. Please be praying for continued healing. Please also be praying for extended family members who have serious medical issues.

Pray for Rest- New Hope has been without a youth/associate pastor for the past year. This has added a lot of responsibility to our shoulders. Curtis, especially, is weary. We will be taking a week off this month for spring break. Pray for physical, emotional and spiritual rest for us both.

Praise God- the three women Rachel has been working with for the past 5-7 months have been growing in tremendous ways. I got an email from the mother of the teenage girl I asked for prayer for a while ago. Her mother is so encouraged by the growth she is seeing in her daughter. God is doing incredible work in that young woman’s life. One of the exciting things that happen is for the spouses, families, and co-workers in the counselee’s life to see the change that God’s word is bringing. Feelings of anxiety and depression are less (or gone completely), responses to circumstances/ people are more godly, and hope and peace are flowing.

Pray for Provision- we’ve had some unexpected expenses come up recently. Please pray for wisdom with our finances and God’s provision of the extra $ we need.

Curtis and Rachel Rhoadarmer


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