A Letter from our Ministry Leader/CEO

God has blessed Be One Together for 10 years and you may see some of the blessings reported by the missionaries themselves on the mission's social media platforms and the website. God is doing mighty things around the world and we designated November as the month of Gratitude.

As an extension of gratefulness, the board donated $600 to be used as seed money to be matched. $300 toward that match has been met. Would you like to help?

Often the question is asked, "Where will these funds be applied?" These funds will be applied toward helping the Ministry Center supply the needed structure and encouragement to help the missionaries carry out their ministry.

  • Staff - presently we have a very small staff and supplement with volunteers. Each staff member is encouraged to raise their own support for their part of the ministry. My wife and I raise ours just as the missionaries do. Some staff in our finance department find it difficult to raise funds so your support for the Ministry Center enables us to have the needed staff.

This morning we received the photo of the foundation being laid for a new worship center for 80 people in Nepal. Our financial staff handles the donations making this building possible and your donation to the ministry center enables us to ensure the staff is paid.

  • Encouraging missionaries as God enables travel. This past summer Ministry Leaders and Liaisons visited missionaries in Portugal and Spain. They shared worship, meals, and prayer together as the leaders learned more of the ministry, needs, and how God is moving and working. Your gifts to the Ministry Center help to make this possible.
  • Portugal helps Ukraine - the war is ongoing and needs continue as well. Your donations helped fund 3 trips to the Ukrainian border early on. Families were relocated to Spain and Portugal by your help. Families now get permanently settled for the duration of the war. House Church in Vila Do Conde now meets in 3 languages - Portuguese, English and Ukrainian.

More travel and more staff is needed as we grow. We presently serve 53 missionaries and more are applying. We ask you to prayerfully consider helping support the ministry center in order to help meet the needs on the many fields.



Mike Pinkerton
Ministry Leader/CEO


Our mission is to engage all cultures by making God's Word real through collaboration in outreach, discipleship, and mobilization.

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