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June 2022 Wade’s News Report

New Life for a Horse Trainer

Years ago, I met a horse trainer, Brian (not his real name) who had lived and worked in California, Texas and Wyoming. We were casual acquaintances until a mutual friend told me Brian’s wife had died. This happened about the same time April passed away. I contacted him and we have had breakfast together every 4-6 weeks ever since. His wife came to Christ a few years ago because of the evils in the world moving the world toward world government. She found peace in Christ and in the hope of His second coming. She had a positive influence on her husband. Recently he was facing a complicated heart procedure. I had shared gospel tracts with him over the months. I told him to get in touch before his heart procedure. I said if you know you are going to heaven you can enter surgery with much more confidence. We met and I shared the simple steps of the Gospel with him. He had already arrived at the solid belief that the Bible is trustworthy. I left him with a copy of a sample prayer to receive Christ. I left him alone to pray and went to my car. I said text me when you are ready. He did and we talked again. He had prayed so I shared with him assurance passages. I prayed for him and we parted. After his procedure he texted me his appreciation and that all went well. I am anticipating follow-up opportunities.

Letters on the Wall

After the nursing home opened to my ministry again, I could enter resident’s rooms to visit residents for a short time. Then that opportunity closed again. I could see them only in the hall or in the dining room where we had Bible Study. I began writing to residents regularly in 2020 during the COVID lockdown. Recently I was allowed to enter resident rooms again at the Mitchell Care Center to do visitation. I called on one man who is a native American. We had a good relationship from pre-COVID times. He is bed fast most of the time and was excited to see me. He told me about all of the letters I had written and pointed them out. His daughter works at the facility part time and pinned my letters on the walls for him. e hjad his daughter pion it next to his bed

Reaching Homes at Easter

For Easter I gave the DVD “Come Follow Me” with gospel tracts to the nursing home staff. It was a wonderful opportunity to express appreciation to the dedicated nursing home staff as well as to share the Gospel with them. Since then some have been much more friendly and some less friendly. It is interesting the affect the Gospel has on people. I also was able to share the DVD door to door in Torrington and Lingle. I worked with the elder board of our church reaching out to Torrington. In total we distributed the Easter message to over 80 homes. Another Easter ministry was simply to send Easter cards to the residents of the nursing homes.

Nursing Home Bible Studies

Currently we are doing a Bible Study series on the book of Revelation. There is so much about the hope of heaven in the book of Revelation. And how the elderly need that hope as they face each day. I have spoken to the Director of Nursing and she has given me permission to sing hymns in our Bible Studies. That will be a real blessing to the residents also.

Youth Ministry

The young man I am doing Bible studies with is enjoying our lessons on the book of Judges. Many life lessons can be shared from the Judges. Our conversations involve his experiences in athletics, with his friends, with current events and end time issues. His father invited me to an old car show and a new interest has developed, cars. For our craft time after Bible Study we are putting together a plastic model of a V8 engine. He is learning what makes an engine work. It is a joy to be a part of this family’s life.

Snow Blower to Lawn Mower

We didn’t get much snow this last year and warm weather has been slow in coming. But the garden is mostly planted. It is always a joy to do a little “farming” if you can call it that.

You share in the Reward

Your ongoing support is so appreciated. I plan to be active in serving the Savior for a few more years, Lord willing. I received Christ at age 23 in 1969 and left the farm in 1976 to attend Bible College. Since graduation I have been in ministry for 41 years. The Lord Jesus will honor you for all of the loving sacrifice, support and prayers you have given. We will rejoice together at the judgment seat of Christ. (2 Cor. 5:10) If you would like a copy of my book “God is Greater Than You Think” please get in touch.


Yours in Christ,
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