Wade Wadsworth

Wade Wadsworth serving in Wyoming


Thoroughly caring for nursing home residents includes spiritual care. Elderly people lose so much of their ability to care for themselves. Even with the care of food service, housekeeping, nursing, social activities, building maintenance, financial services and family support elderly care is still incomplete without helping the resident maintain their spiritual life. In many cases residents have not even understood nor have they taken the simple steps of receiving Christ as personal Savior.

For many, learning spiritual truth is very difficult and requires patience and repeated teaching. There is the constant need for refreshment in Biblical truth as many have lost their ability to read the Bible. Discouragement and fear can engulf the elderly person as they continually experience failing health and loss of abilities. Some have no family to visit and encourage them. Others suffer memory loss within hours of a family visit and wonder why their family “never” comes to see them.

My ministry includes regular Bible Studies and visitation, often restricted by COVID-19 restrictions. Also, I write devotional letters bi-weekly to 85 residents. I include pictures, Scripture and my comments. Ten of the residents need special attention such as those who need extremely large print, or have only one hand to handle the letters. For them I use card stock and send the letter in a large envelope so the resident does not have to unfold the letter. For some I prepare only a picture of the Lord Jesus in ministry with a caption.

Thank you for your prayerful support for this ministry.
Wade Wadsworth, serving with Be One Together,