Tiana and JJ Mission Newsletter Aug 7 2021

Hello everyone!

Sorry that you missed us last week. Due to the third week of camp starting on a Sunday, we had one less day between camps to rest and reach out to our supporters. I knew that would be the case, but I didn’t realize how tired I would be! So, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to send out a newsletter last week, but I am doing it now.

In the last two weeks of camp, JJ and I came alongside a team of young and old believers all with one goal: to see the children and youth attending camp come to a better understanding of Christ in their lives. Our role on this team was to disciple the camp’s upcoming leaders to imitate Christ in their service and love towards others.

It felt like a tall order during our first week! Jesus’ command in the great commission to “go and make disciples” (Matt. 28:19) has always hit home in both mine and JJ’s hearts and we were excited to have the opportunity to disciple the young Christians at camp, however, it didn’t take us long to realize how incredibly inexperienced and unprepared we were for the task. So we humbled ourselves, clung to the truths of 1 Cor. 2:3-5, and gave God the glory for any good that came out of our work. And through our willing hearts, God gave us everything we needed to bless those around us.

How God used us to be a Blessing the Camp

Something that was a huge blessing was our ability to create organization for our team and some other related areas of camp. Due to Fir Point missing a whole year of camp in 2020, many small things got overlooked this year and we were glad to be able to do our job as well as meet a few of those other needs in the process.

At the beginning of the first week, we had the honor of filling a need by creating organization for the SWAT through a clearly laid out schedule that both the SWATs and other camp leaders could refer to. By day two, we had successfully created a system to follow during the SWAT’s meal responsibilities so that every SWAT member knew what was expected of them and how/when to do it. On our full days, I got to lead my team in a service project we did for the campus caretaker. We took on a stance of always evaluating and asking what is working and what can we do better? The SWAT team enjoyed being a part of this brainstorming process.

How God used us in the lives of our S.W.A.T. Team

What I see as being the real work, though, is the work God was doing in the hearts of each of the young men and women on our team through their camp experience. I thank God for the wisdom He gave JJ and I as we learned how to lead with grace and truth. These teens have come from all sorts of home situations and backgrounds. Some of them are strong in the faith, while others still have a lot to learn. During our time at camp, JJ and I have dried tears, given hugs, correction, confrontation, grace, and so much love.

We came to camp to teach these kids how to be servant leaders, but our work here has been so much more than just teaching them how to give their testimony and lead a cabin devotion and that’s a good thing! I believe God has used us in much deeper ways to touch the hearts of each of these young sparks.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for supporting Tiana and I during our mission at Fir Point! It was a blessing to share with you our passion and efforts to reflect Jesus and receive your support and encouragement. Which has gone on to fuel the ministry of discipleship and evangelism that takes place in Glendale OR, Fir Point Bible Camp.

Prayer Points

There are still ways you can continue to pray!

Pray with us for the S.W.A.T.s as they go home to their families. Pray that they would find Christian communities to connect with to continue learning and growing in their faith.

Pray for continued wisdom for JJ and I as we write up an evaluation paper explaining our experience to the camp board and whoever comes after us taking that role.

Pray for JJ and I as we ask God “what’s next?” and seek to serve Him with our whole lives!


Tiana and JJ

Summer Missionaries at Fir Point Bible Camp

~ SWAT exists as a team of young believers who, by imitating Christ, seek to see and satisfy the needs of others. ~



JJ and Tiana
Summer Missionaries 2021

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