The Little Ones

The Little Ones

Some of the greatest joy we experience is when we get to spend time with the kids of Nepal. It’s the little things, or should we say, “the little ones”, that bring us such joy.



Please pray for the family, friends, church and village of Gomba. He was killed last week in a remote part of Nepal in an accident. The some of the families are not believers and are grieving without hope. He left behind a young wife and 18-month-old daughter. This brother was a church leader. Please pray for pastor’s Chhiring, Mosha, and Narbu, as they have been ministering in this situation.

Thank you

Sherpa Girls Good Time

After a very long week of language study, ministry, and business development, it was so rewarding to be with the kids at the hostel. Peggy played the guitar, and the kids had a blast. All of this in the middle of a home renovation and very cramped living space.

Please pray that a new and more spacious house will be available and affordable for the girls. Also, pray for favor as many don’t appreciate renting a house for a group home.

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The Angels Rejoice

We thank God for the growth of the Ilam church. More souls were recently added to the Kingdom.

Business and Language Study Updates

Due to the amount of time, it has been taking to study language in a class setting, we have decided to continue learning Nepali with a personal tutor instead of being subject to the class schedule. This will allow us to continue to learn the language, but also, devote much needed time and energy to our new business. This decision will enable us to pursue our village ministry as well.

We have been slowly producing training materials from English into Nepali. We have several training lessons developed with handouts and PowerPoints. We meet with our lawyer in early March to make next steps plans. We are hoping to start trainings soon. We have been able to hire four Nepalis to assist us with the training projects on a per project basis.

Thank you for your prayers in language learning and business development.


The Von Raeders in Nepal

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