Spring Update

Wadsworth Window March 2021

One of my father’s expressions was “Time Marches On” Then he would often follow that with “Time waits for nobody.”  A few years ago, I was talking with a nursing home resident about time passing and he said “I don’t know how I got here so fast”

I don’t know the man in the picture above but it is so typical of those whose life has passed them by and now there is little they can do but look out the window and wish they could be outside doing something.  That is especially true for so many nursing home residents who are locked in because of the COVID pandemic.

But there is good News!  I can now enter Mitchell Care Center to visit residents. I cannot do group Bible Studies but I can visit individually. Praise the Lord!

                                                       What Has Been Happening?

I have been writing to 85 residents every other week. I try to make each letter as personal as possible which includes pictures relating to the subject I am discussing, Scripture verses and my own comments. I was told by one Activities Director that the residents were “really liking them!”

One family in our town decided to home school this year because of COVID restrictions at school. They asked me to teach their son Bible. We are going through the book of Genesis plus he wants to learn carpentry so he can build his own house someday. Thus, we are building a miniature house so he can learn the fundamentals.

The cup is just to give you size perspective.  We have also spent considerable time studying the Genesis flood and its affects upon the earth.


The layers of sedimentary rock in the Grand Canyon testify to each layer being rapidly laid down by massive amounts of water without long periods of time between layers. Long periods of time would have resulted in marked erosion of each layer before the next one. Since no erosion happened, little time passed before the next layer. The massive erosion of the whole canyon probably happened while the layers were still soft mud and had not yet hardened into rock.

Another boy is coming on Mondays for Bible lessons. His foster parents bring him. We have supper together, then the lesson. We are going through a six-lesson series I developed for the nursing home residents.

This particular slide demonstrates what happened to the image of God in man when man fell in sin.  It helps us realize how damaged we are and what we are capable of in our fallen condition. The information is used to prepare the viewer to hear the Gospel message.

I am no longer an elder on our church board but as our church searches for another pastor and goes through a transition period the elders seek my input often. I am always glad to help.

                                                            How Am I Doing?

I believe I am making good progress. There are constant reminders of April throughout our house that bring both happy memories and moments of intense longing to see her again. I expect it will be that way for years.  I do well when I am rested.  But poor sleep can make loneliness more intense. My sleep issue is not something new. I have had back pain since a back injury on the farm in my twenties. Seventy-four years of active life have also added to the problem.  Each of you have been a special help to me through your prayers and times of communication. Your cards, letters, phone calls and emails have been a real blessing. I am sustained by your love, prayers and support. Thank you so very much and have a blessed Easter.



Yours in Christ,
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