Reconnecting and Changing Direction


Update from the Janzen Family


Our time back in Canada was a huge encouragement. We were able to meet up with our family in Mexico to celebrate Kevin’s Mom recent wedding. We then crossed into the United States and had a 2 week break at a family friends holiday spot in Washington State near Mt. Baker. It was just the 4 of us, and we enjoyed the much needed time spent and rest before heading into Canada.

In Canada we spent our first few weeks in the lower mainland area where we met with friends and family. We also met with our new organizations leaders (both from Be One Together (US) and Gateway Ministries (CAN)). Heading to Kamloops, BC (my hometown) we spent time with family there as well and reconnected with our home church (Christ Community Church). It was an encouraging, refreshing and wonderful time. We had many adventures and met many new people along the way.

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