Portugal, Viana do Castelo – 6th July 2022

Update from Nuno and Gila


Dear praying friends,

Thank you for praying with us! We experienced considerable opposition as we approached baptism day, but the Lord carried us through. The day dawned with heavy rain and thunderstorms, flooding many places in the city. Our gathering was set to 4pm and by then the sky was clear, the sea flat and there was a lovely sea breeze. For those who know Viana, you will recognize that this in itself is a miracle! Adding to our community we had some guests invited by those being baptized (most of them unbelievers). We sat on that sand and worshiped the Lord with songs and heartfelt testimonies from Lucinda, Anita, Mafalda, Liz and Diogo. Words of life, hope and love were spoken, testimonies of their walk with Jesus. This was such a joy to us! How special to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the church this way!

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