Portugal, Viana do Castelo – 27th January 2020


Update from Nuno and Gila


Dear praying friends,

As we shared before, we have been led to reach out to ladies who work as prostitutes on a specific area here in Viana. Up to now we would drive by, or walk and talk with them as the Lord would lead us. In one of those conversations we could understand there was a NGO that was giving them practical support once a week. We decided to approach this organisation and see if they would allow us to partner with them in what they are already doing. Our prayer was that they would say yes to our request for a seat in the van that goes there every week. Now, having been born and grown up in this city, knowing the spiritual reality of this place, we knew that this would be almost impossible. They had no reason to agree that some people that they don’t know anything about, would join them just for the sake of loving their neighbour. What happened was much more than we prayed for and pure evidence of God’s perfect plan for this city. He is in control and nothing can stop His plans!

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