Please Pray for Us

Please Pray for Us

We appreciate your prayers:

  • As we continue to meet with friends and our church family, sharing what God is doing in Nepal.
  • As we continue to adjust to life in the US.
  • As we continue to see our family relationships being strengthened.
  • AS we seek God’s will for our next season of ministry in Nepal, and beyond.
  • For increased provision.

We thank God for:

  • Providing everything we need and loving us through His children.
  • For the girls at the Sherpa Girls Hostel as they deal with difficult emotional issues.

Thank you!


A New Sense of Purpose

Things are pretty structured in Nepal in terms of our ministry purpose. Even though we have had to be flexible because of the dynamics of daily life in Nepal, we know our purpose. We are to encourage, equip, and edify the Body of Christ. We work in Kathmandu and eight different villages primarily in the Himalayan rejoin.

Now that we are stateside for a while, we are discovering new purpose, (or maybe the same purpose expressed in a different way) We babysit our grandsons while their parents go to doctors’ appointments and play till, we drop. I discover new injuries on myself the day after rolling around with two little boys! We tell bible stories, pray and sing worship with our grandsons. We see relationships being restored with our kids. We spend time hanging out with our daughter, hiking, talking, being with her when her beloved cat died in her arms. We were treated to a melodrama that our daughter Amanda is starring in.

We spend time with friends. We have been blessed by the presence of God at a local church gathering on Sunday mornings. It’s a time of reconnecting with, Jesus, loved ones and ourselves. We have been loved on a lot! That’s the purpose wherever we are, isn’t it? To receive and share the love of God wherever we find ourselves.

I spend a lot of time praying about what to do. I think God cares more about who I am being.

So, the blessing in this season where our sense of purpose seems to be turned upside down from our time in Nepal is discovering, once again, it really doesn’t matter as much where you are and what you are doing. It’s who you are and for whose glory are you doing it for. Oh yes, He surrounds you with love and faithfulness. Usually expressed by His children.

“And the greatest of these is love.”


Just Playing Around

Playing with the grandsons. A much different role than I have been doing in Nepal! Trekking the Himalayas has prepared me to play with two little boys.

Click here to see a video.

The Von Raeders in Nepal

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