Please Pray

Please Pray

Please pray for:

  • Our upcoming village ministry trip to Marbu and Dolakha March 13-19.
  • Our business development.
  • Our ministry with House of Hope.
  • Our continued language learning.
  • Filing our taxes.
  • Our cultural adaptation.
  • Those in California that are being affected by the snow and flooding.
  • Outreach and discipleship in Nepal.
  • Relational connection.
  • Thanks for partnering with us in prayer.

We Finished Phase 1!

Last Friday we finished Phase 1 of our Nepali language class. We are very grateful to our teacher Ruth for her patience and encouragement. We now have a vocabulary base to build on. It’s been fun to use what language we know when we go out shopping, visiting, or just walking. The Nepali are helpful towards us when we make an effort to speak their language. We still have a long way to go. We realize that this will be an ongoing process. Someone called learning the language “the long game.”

We are studying on our own and using what we know until we get back from our village ministry trip. Then we will start working with a private tutor.

Back to the Villages!

We are heading back to the high- country villages! We are going to the area of Marbu and Dolakha March 13-19 with pastor Chhiring Sherpa. Our plan is to spend to visit two Sherpa village churches and spend two days at each church, teaching basic discipleship and meeting with believers. Our last trip to this area was in November of 2021. Our schedule with our language class prevented us from traveling, but now that we have a tutor, we can travel more freely.

The pictures are from our 2021 trip to these churches. The pastor and his wife are both blind and have never seen each other. God has given a healing anointing to the pastor. During the covid pandemic God healed people through the pastor. Peggy is praying with his wife in the picture. Peggy and the worship leader are worshiping together in the picture.

The old lady in the picture is his mother. In 2020 she died. The pastor prayed for her, and she came back to life. Pastor Narbu was getting ready to leave Kathmandu to go to the village and conduct the funeral service when he got word she had come back to life. We had an opportunity to stay with this family in 2021. She passed away this year.

Please pray for a safe and successful ministry trip.

The Von Raeders in Nepal

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