Isabel Fernandes


Born in Brazil, I have returned to the country of my parents, Portugal.

We are confident the Lord will raise a new church in the city of Cartaxo, Portugal, a city of 25,000 inhabitants of which 90% identifies as Roman Catholic. In reality, most people are agnostic or are involved in religious syncretism which is a blend of Roman Catholicism with practices of witchcraft.

This church planting project is led by Pt. Adil Reis, his wife √Črica Reis and Isabel Fernandes, alongside with Pt. Vitor Cruz, pastor of the Moscavide Baptist Church in Lisbon, which provides the backup and support needed for this great undertaking of God.

We give thanks to the builder of our work because without Him we are short-handed. We give thanks because we have committed partners, a faithful team, the family of Pt. Adil and even my three children, who also help with our project. Cartaxo is known as the Capital of Wine. We dream that this city may become known for the new wine, fruit of the true vine, from which His branches spread, giving much fruit to the glory of God and our joy.